How To: Dress Thin Without Loosing Weight♡

♡The easiest way to look slimmer without loosing weight is to dress in plain tops, it don't necessarily need to be a dark coloured. just simply plain. Having a plain top will automatically bring the attention to either your face or your thigh bellow. it will avoid attention from your upper portion witch sometimes is it most troubling part, it will hide the fat tugging it in and some how camouflage it. So if your fat usually limps up around your stomach this is a great may to hide them.

♡Now if you have a smaller waist and broader shoulder try using more fitted tops. By using a fitted top it will show off your small waist and highlights it making you look thinner because of the illusion of a thinner waist and draws attention away from your thigh, that is if you have larger thigh. A fitted top will also give a better frame for your body. Such as halter tops and a fitted base ball tee. But be careful of picking the right fitted top, don't get mixed up between a fitted top and a tight top. A tight top wont do the job for you as it will make your fat fold visible. A fitted top should be a bit loose on the stomach portion and hugs the shoulder more tightly. 

♡Next is how to look slim with a larger hip. Personally i think people who have larger hips are blessed but if your hips makes you feel uncomfortable the technique is mostly on picking the right type of pants. because you have a larger hips you would probably like to stick with skinny jeans or bellbottoms. But try to stay away from any light wash jeans as it would make the illusion of a wider thigh. Skinny jeans would hugged your legs perfectly and makes them look longer. As for bellbottom pants would synch and highlight the area around your ankle and become wider like a tube in the bottom of your legs. the ankle is one of the smallest and thinest part of your legs.  so it gives the illusion that your legs are the size or your ankles.

♡The next tip works for almost all body types is to use a slouchy cardigans or a kimono. the slouchy cardigan gives the effect of a smaller body because its compared to the over sized material. although this method does not use work the same as using an oversized t shirt. Under the cardigan or kimono avoid using anymore slouchy tops, try using something more body hugging. 

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