What's On My IPhone♡

♡I've saw a lot of these videos on youtube and i thought I'll give it a shot. But instead of making a video I want to write a blog post about it.

♡The first thing you see when you open my phone is my lock screen and password. The background of my lock screen is like a multi coloured pop art comic book with a lot of exclamation point.

♡The first page is basically filed with all the app the iPhone comes comes with. The top have the camera, photos, calendar and a folder named utilities for maps and game center

♡Then second row have another folder thats named news,  inside it have the weather app, stocks, and face time. Continuing to the next rows they have the app videos, calculator, voice memos, contacts, clock, App Store, Podcasts, compass, iTune Store, Health, Settings, and last the Passbook app.

♡At the bottom of the screen like always there is always like the "main self" that contain 4 apps, in there i have the Safari, Messages, Phone, and Music.

♡On with the next page. so this page only have 4 folders categorize by social, lifestyle, photography, and games.

♡Inside the first folder that is Social there is Line, and line is like a chat box similar to WhatsApp. Next is SnapChat you all know what is snap chat. Then there is BBM messenger, ask.fm for asking and answering anonymus questions, twitter, Skype for video calling, Instagram, Path, YouTube, WhatsAPP, Vine  I'm pretty sure all of you know Vine, but if you don't then i'll try explaining it to you. Vine is like YouTube but only have 7 seconds videos that are mostly hilarious studs video, continuing there is Facebook and last is wattpad to read fanfictions. If you would like to follow me on any of my social media the links are all listed at the end of the post.

♡On the lifestyle folder the first thing in it is IVault and IVault is an app that lets you save photos but you a passcode to access and see the photos. Then there is Tips and iBooks that comes from the iPhone, Mails for reciveing and sending emails, The Bible, CocoPPa, Scoop, Dramot+, Free Video, Photo Vaultit's similar to IVault, Space, and Photo math <-- Life Saver

♡Next is the Photography folder keep in mind that i don't use all these apps I'm just to lazy to delate it. The first app is Photo Wonder, then Papelook, Photo Wizard, Reflection, phonto, Catwang, Touch blur, Squeredy, EyeEm, PicsArt, Rookie, InDaFrame, and Glitch Lab.

♡The last folder is for games and they have Thouch4 it;s like a tic tac toe game, then A+ Burger, Maze Finger+, Luxor, Unblock Me, and last Piano Tiles.

Thats what's in my iPhone Thanks for reading

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