DIY Fawn Ears Head Band

Apr 1, 2015

I am a HUGE fan of Bambi, yes Bambi as in the movie Bambi. This obsession I have over Bambi is almost beyond comprehend and yes it sounds super wired and can get disturbing but this DIY will revolved and is heavily inspired by Bambi. I know, were like 7 months too early for this kind of DIY but maybe you could use this as a too early prep for it or if you are just as big of Bambi then props to you!


The first step to make your fawn ears is to place your feather on top of your fabric then glue it in place. A tip on choosing the flannel fabric is to pick if not the same then similar shade to the feather. 


Then cut them out of the flannel as close and as neatly as the feather stands. The feathers then will act and represent the ears of Bambi, this way it'll give you an elegant and aztec affect.


This step is exceptional but you could position the feather as ears and twigs in place so you'll have a clearer picture on how it will turn out as.


Then secure it down with whatever material or glue you prefer. In my case I'll be using a thin wire to secure it, but you could always replace the wire with glue gun. I would use a glue gun but I turned it off and it takes way too much time for it to heat put again so I go figure out another alternative.


When you ears are safely secure glue your twigs in each inside corners of your feather as ears representing the antler of the fawn.


This step is exceptional but you could add little accessorise to jazz up your fawn ears. What I use is dried flower I bought in a local stationary store. I think the flowers gives the head band a more earthy and green look making it closer to nature in a way. 

And that wraps up today's post! before you go I just want to clear up some question that have been flooding my email inbox, the reason why I add another explanation after The picture that does also contain an explanation is that because I think the ones explained in the picture are just brief and simple, as for the ones I type bellow are more detailed and in some have quick tip to make it easier to understand:)

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back tomorrow for a possible post



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