May 17, 2015

How are you today? Hope you're well. Today I'll be sharing how to spice up any clear case into something super cute and customisable. This will only take you about 2 minutes to accomplished one case and it is also very inexpensive since most of the materials listed you have somewhere in your house. 

A little Disclaimer that this post isn't to in depth about the DIY Process since you probably know the drill already, but this post is just about the ideas of the phone case it self. But if you do not know the steps yet, then there will be a simple explanation in every case idea given. Today as you are seeing this I'll be showing you 5 easy phone case ideas in hope you'll find one you like.  


The first case screams SPRING in my opinion because of the bright yellow colour and the pop of teal in the middle, the daisy finishing off the look. To make this case all you need is any yellow scrapbook paper it can just be a simple plane one or something with a pattern. Then the teal circle with the daisy in the middle of the case is a sticker I bought in Japan last month. An alternative is to cut out a circle and draw out the daisy in the middle or print a similar picture like so from google or tumblr. I think this case is cute and fun but not too childish. 


The name might be confusing and I feel the need to explain, The last movie I watch was Beauty And The Beast and in the phone case one dominant rose in the right hand side is visible and that represent the rose in beauty and the beast. I don't know about you but the name sounds pretty cute to me. On making this case all you need to do is cut out a scrapbook paper to fit the case by tracing out your case to the paper and making a hole in the end for the camera. This is super east and there shouldn't actually be a DIY on this :b


This case is also super easy and all you have to do is to slide on anything that reminds you of a certain time you would like to remember, it can be a picture, theme park ticket, movies tickets or even a recite jut anything flat so the case can still mould the phone. In my case I have on a theme park ticket from Fuji-Q HighLand a theme park in Japan, since it does have sentimental meaning to me, that is why this case is called the #Timekeeper too cheesy? 


This next one is called the miscellaneous pack because it hold a lot of random cut out from a magazine. This is also very easy all you have to is cut out your favourite pictures from your chosen magazine then stick it in your case the wrong way facing back & you got your self a new case!


This last case takes absolutely no time and effort, all you have to do is stick two lines of washie tape going horizontal in the bottom and one going vertical on the right. The to add a little more presonality to the case I add on a bee sticker in the center. 

And that's a wrap on today's DIY hope you have something out of it and if you happen to re-create any of these please tag me in any of my social media or send me thru email. Thanks for reading have a good rest of the day:) 

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  1. I love how simple these are and how cute :) Easy way to make a case when you can't go out and buy one. Great post.

    Brooke | brookewrote

  2. Love this post!! So great!!

    xx Olivia


  3. What fun and beautiful cases! Thanks for sharing. :)


  4. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. This will be my next DIY project. It seems fun and easy. Regards,
    Rug cleaners Hammersmith


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