May 10, 2015

I know it's late as a matter of fact too late but here is another quick and easy DIY to do even when you only have 5 minutes left. All you need are basic and I'm sure you have it all somewhere around your house.

What You'll Need

-Water Colour
-Paint Brush
-Card Stock Paper(s)
-Glue or Mud Podge

Step One

Cut your card stock to your desire area, mine is 10,5cm by 17,5cm 

Step Two

Draw 3 peas like so in the center of your card stock, if you need an ideal picture look it up in google the movie Toy Story have the 3 peas you could follow. 


Then just color the peas and write  "Ha 'PEA' Mothers DAY" in the top and you are all done, if you are not comfortable with colouring using water colour then you could use the other alternative with markers or pencil colours.

Step Four

This step is optional but if you want you could add a ribbon on the center top of your card stock. 

And there you have it, and i apologise for the late post. Please like and come back tommorow for another post:) 

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