A letter to my future self

Hi guys ItsElla...

And today I am doing a guest post for Hilary, here on her blog. My post is going to be a letter to my younger self, most people do the teenage area but I am a teenager so I'm going to go around year six. Oh I forgot to tell you that I'm British too so my years will be different to grades but I'm sure we can all understand each other hahaha. Anyway yes, so let's get started...

A Letter to My Future Self

A Letter to My Younger Self

Hi, past Ella. 

I'm you from the future, exciting isn't it? How are you? I'll tell you how I think your doing and what is to be expected in your life.

I feel in school you are doing quite well as it goes, your not going to get into those grammar schools that your dads side of the family keep on telling you about, so I can imagine how happy you'll be about that; also about school, I understand that those mean girls who are probably going through the their own issues are making you feel really bad inside. Stand up for yourself, because in the long run your just going to kick yourself over that whole situation because you could have stood up to them years ago. 

Okay, so now that schools out of the way I'd also like to tell you that in a few years you are going to have to be brave, a lot. You are going to lose someone you love and that's going to burn your insides like hell. It really hurts, and you have to deal with an absolute idiot too, well you have to deal with a lot of them. I'm only telling you this to prepare you for the worst, treasure what you have got and as long as you know that you are loved, then you'll be alright.

And in a lot more years to come your going to have a blog, which is exciting, your going to have a love for Dan and Phil and your going to be an expert on procrastination and writing, well not really writing but we are getting there. Your going to laugh with friends and cry with family and vice versa as 'pain turns to memory' and you try to live life to the full, along with get good grades and just overall do well in school, which is hard with a maths teacher who you can't understand because of their accent.


Future Ella 

So that was it, my letter to my younger, foolish self. Hope you enjoyed it and check out my blog at ellacrabb.blogspot.com xoxo


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