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The How to be Pretentious

It is almost a year since my last outfit post, and honestly I’ve been avoiding doing it for almost a year. One, I was getting bored of only doing outfit posts and it made me feel pretentious, and two I’ve always wanted a change in direction. However, after further reflection I realize that it is the way I present my ideas that made it superficial. Hence, today I am trying a different approach.

It’s not a drastic change, what you might notice is the graphic and color scheme that I purposely toned down. With that out of the way, I really hope you enjoy the very first outfit post after almost a year abandonment. 

This was an outfit I wore last spring to the British Museum also the same day I’m supposed to be leaving London back home. I don't know what look I’m particularly going for, it is established with leftover items I packed with me that are still clean. I am directly going to Heathrow after an hour or two of scrolling around the museum, so I wanted to wear something comfortable to accommodate the 14 long hour flight. Hence the very tubbed and soft “work pants” and a rubbed title neck. It is very simple and most certifiably hobo like, but I kinda like it



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