Wreck The Journal With Hilary //Episode 2

If you think I forgot about uploading another WTJ destruction page then you guessed wrong. Today I brought to you the cutest little page piled with leaves and wild flowers. From page 19 of the book by Keri Smith here it is! please take a seat and enjoy reading this small monologue I put up.

Wreck This Journal ep.1

Hello you! how was your day? I hope you have a great day and today I have some exciting news that hopefully you'll like. This was suggested by one of you via email for me to do a Wreck This Journal series because she saw an old picture I post on Instagram of my journal and asked me to do a series.

Killer Hair Everyday

I don't know about you but when I have an event to go to or just a hangout on the mall, the first thing that comes to my mind after my outfit is my hair. I would always imagine and pin hair styles in my Pinterest board, so here are a few hair style suggestions for different kind of events suited to you.

What's In My School Bag

Good day humans of the planet, how was your day? well either way I hope this post cheers you up! today I'll be sharing something highly requested that some of you guys have emailed me to do a what's in my school bag post, so I am giving you this post today. 

How To Look Thin Without Loosing Weight Pt.2

Now I know I've done this post before, in-fact this topic was my first post on this blog. But from that day on I've learned more and more on how to dress my self a lot better. But if you want to check out the fist How to Look Thin Without Loosing Weight post I will have the link the bottom of this post with all my other social media links. Now before I start and forgot my manners, hello, how are you guys? hope you have a lovely day. 

Let's start by pointing out that you are beautiful just the way you are, you should be proud of your body shape and figure now and love yourself unconditionally.  But there is nothing wrong to feel good about yourself and your figure, so here are some tips I'd like to share with you guys. 


How have you been today? well I hope you have a lovely day, or if not then at least smile it will make you feel better. Today I feel like doing an OOTD post that I have not done in quite a while, so here is the outfit that I wear today and please enjoy...

DIY Jewlry Tray

I don't know about you but my rings and tiny dainty jewlry always gets lost, and every time I want to wear them they are just gone. And I know you have the same problem too, here I brought to you our problem solver. Today we'll be making a jewlry tray to put your jewlry so it will never be misplaced ever again. What I do is I put the tray in my bed side table so I'll remember to use what ever jewlry is inside the tray in the morning.

Digital Favorites: December

December just ended and that could only mean one thing! A, new year and B, The annual monthly digital favourites<3 On this post I'm sharing things I like this month, from fashion pieces to songs, movies, and product I use that I've enjoyed using

DIY Picture Holder

2nd day of two thousand 15! WOHO! how have you been guys? well, i hope you're doing good:) today i brought to you another picture-ific  it's a play of word get it (Picture + Terrific) DIY. Today We will be making a picture clip holder to clip and display your moments

Best Dressed 2014: Red Carpet

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like yesterday's post today I'll be doing the Best Dressed 2014 but for my Favourite Red Carpet looks. So again similar like yesterday I'm going to put a little disclaimer, this is 100 % my own opinion so if you disagree with me with my choices please keep it to yourself or comment down bellow:)

Best Dressed 2014: Street Style

Hello everybody, 2014 almost end and I would like to share with you guys celebrities that i think dress the best for street style 2014. This is purely 100% my own preference so If you don't agree with me in some aspect please keep it to yourself or leave a comment bellow:)

3 Cute And Easy New Years Hairstyles

Hey you! how many of you are going to a new years party or even are the host, maybe even a little new years dinner with your love ones? I'm sure you had your outfits planed out even if you don't, whats so bad about having your hair done first? Here are some Ideas slash tutorial for you for your new years hairstyle

Christmas Day Vlog☃

☃Yup sad as it sounds Christmas is finally over, I hope everyone of you have an amazing time with your family and enjoyed the holiday while it lasted. Yesterday was one of the days I cant forget and is very memorable. So I would like to take you with me on rewinding my christmas day. 

☃Before I start i wan't to adress a little disclaimer that I am in no way shape or form trying to brag. I just thought this would be a fun post to write:)

Christmas Tree and Decoration Ideas❆

❆Hai everyone! I recently just put up my christmas tree and decorated my house more so they looked a bit more festive. And I would like to take you with me decorating my tree from point one so please take a cup of tea and enjoy:)

Top 8 christmas movies♡

It's the time of the year for fuzzy socks, warm blanket and cheesy christmas movies played by the fire place. So here are some of my top 8 movies to keep you occupied through out this holiday season.

10 Christmas Songs♡

♡I have compiled my top 10 christmas songs for you guys to see, hope you enjoyed them

Digital Favorites: November♡

♡November just end and you know what time it is! So today I'll be doing a post on things I love and recommend for you guys during the month of November. Let's get started

Color Run Gallery♡

♡Happy Tuesday! If you read my last post you'll know that I'm going on a 5k marathon called The Color Run if you dont know what that is please check out my last post that will be linked down bellow with my other social media links. So this is an overview of my day with pictures:)

♡I went to the color run with 5 of my friends, we basically have a sleepover at my house the other day and wake up around 5 to be on time for the race, less did we know the race start at 7 and it only takes around 30 minutes from my house to the venue. 

Color Run♡

There is this big event coming up this sunday for me and that is the happiest 5km, it is basically a fun and unique marathon that celebrates health happiness and individuality. Now I'm pretty sure for you guys in the US this event happened a couple months ago during summer, but for my country Indonesia the event will take place in 4 more days. Specifically on the 23rd of November 2014. If you don't know  how big this event is then you must be living under a rock. This is the funnest most unique, trend setter marathon I've ever heard of, so you honestly just run 5km and during your run or of you prefer to walk then go ahead there will be powder in many sorts of color thrown at you.

Confident In Your Own Skin♡

♡As a woman i know that we all like to look put together and sleek. Most of us find our confident and comfort in clothes, shoes and just basically any fashion related pieces. But those stuffs are not necessarily cheep. Sometimes you feel like your clothes are just plain boring and you are no longer confident in them because you feel like they are not on fashion week or on trend. So here are my tips on being confident in your very own skin.