Have you ever feel like your outfits are so plain and boring? Here I have some tips to help you spice up your outfit

♡Utility Jacket
The great thing about utility jacket is that you can either dress it up or down. It adds a little something to your everyday shirt, you can even go away by using a plain top or flannel under the jacket and some comfortable boots.

♡Statement Necklace
Another quick and easy tip is to use a statement necklace, using a statement necklace will draw attention to your necklace and gives an illusion of a well put together outfit. If you have any intensions of trying this method, keep your top simple. The top don't have to be super plain a pop of pattern such as striped and polkadot works well too, but try to keep the top settle.

By using a scarf it can automatically make your outfit more put together and chic. Using scarf can accentuate your neck and make them look longer and dainty. If you don't mind spending a little more money on a scarf, you can try on investing on a good pair bold silk scarf. With a silk scarf your can definitely spice up any outfit. 

♡Leather Jacket
Using a leather jacket can highlight your curves because most leather jackets are made to be fitted in your body. It gives almost the same effect as using the utility jacket only this will slightly show off your figure a little better than the utility jacket.

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