Valentines Day Hairstyles!

Monday, February 1, 2016

I love posting the first day of any month is feels special and it almost makes me work extra harder on my posts. Today's post will be correspond with a video, this is the first time I'm posting with a video attached but if you'd like please like and subscribe plus comment that way I'll know when to post more. Valentines is right around the corner and tbh I'm not that excited, but then again it wouldn't hurt to look good for the day. Here are three of the easiest most simple hairstyle tutorials.


This is one of my go to hairstyles not only for valentines but life in general. I am the type of person who like having their hair down but in days where I have greasy hair this is definitely the up-do I'll have. Side note, in doing this hairstyle day 2 hair works wonders as it's not too smooth to the point where it'll be difficult to handle or too ew to touch what ever that means.


I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest and it looked absolutely edgy on the model so why not give it a try. And I do think that this hairstyle may potentially be a conversation starter. This one have slowly become one of the up-do's I'll do because I'd get to keep a few strand of hair to frame my face.  


The classic high bun is an essential skill for anyone with doable hair. This is just a twist from your average bun instead of having it plain a braid swept in the bottom of the bun helps elevate the overall look. Key is to tease occasionally because this hairstyle needs a thick hair to work with so if don't have the thickest hair teasing will be your best friend. 

And that is it! if you'd like to see more of this video plus blog post meshed type again click you can subscribe, like and comment. Thank you for reading up till this far and I'll write to you soon!