When I think of winter it immediately think outer wears, It's simply an essential to get through the cold weather. I don't know about you but I personally have a hard time choosing the right outer, sometimes they look stunning on the mannequin but terrible on me. So I'm here to give you a hand, I've sum up 5 of the best outers I could find from the site Banggood to help you get through this season.  

Before anything, the coats and outer displayed in bellow are the best to me, they might not be your cup of tea but they sure is mine. Without anymore waiting let's dive in right in the post!

Outer 1     //     Outer 2     //     Outer 3      //     Outer 4      //    Outer 5

The first coat labelled number 1 is something I'd consider anybody's taste, it's a simple classic chic piece that anyone living in a four season country need. The dusty blue color also compliments the classic and elegant design perfectly, like anything this coat can easily be transformed to something dressy or casual. Although the thickness of this coat is not appropriate for extreme cold temperatures but it's still wearable and is warm enough for December and beginning of January depending on which part of the country you live in. 

Second piece is something I would personally wear for a blog post, it's a mixture of "I just wake up" and "I still want to look good" Generally it looks like a giant blanket draped over a person's shoulder. Not to mention the color, it screams winter from across the lane. A little fun fact about this type of piece is that it looks "meh" but actually fits really nice and surprisingly very slimming. This piece is perfect when paired with any tight fitting bottoms because it will be able to fill up some of the curves you have covered by this cardigan. 

The third piece must be my favourite, I love the tail that trims the cream sweater. I think that cream sweaters are an essential for everybody  no matter what gender. Something about a cream sweater that's very delicate and looks like a million bucks. Overall that particular piece is just a cream sweater with a scalloped trimming that adds a girly flare to the piece. 

Fourth piece is very fashion forward, although this piece might not be suitable for a small range of crowd it still is very pretty on a lot of people. Salt and pepper have slowly become one of my favourite colors and I think that is why I love this piece. The design is also worth complimenting, I love the hollow in the back feel and the trimming in the pockets. 

Last piece is something that may not be wearable for some countries but is still super cute when paired with a body chain as it will enhance the over all appearance. I love the high neck line and cut out on the sleeve. Oh and one more thing this piece is available is a lot of different colors so if navy feels a little boring to you there are lots of other variety to choose from. 

The 2 main key on dressing up any outfit is to have one a good pair of sleek heel. Meaning just a simple pair of heel that compliments you legs, you know the right pair when you try them on so go on and try as much hells until you find your mate. Two, layering jewelry. By layering it will give out the image of a well thought outfit that makes you very presentable.  

It took me a while before realizing than the only way to dress down an outfit is just to use anything you're comfortable with. Lets say you have this pair or jeans you really like, use that to your advantage, and right now I'm in love with the look of an oxford shoes on casual outfit so if you'd like that's my tip to consider. 

Well that is it for today you guys, thanks for reading and I'll write to you soon:) #BANGGOOD