This is not the typical blog entry I would normally post, usually things I uploaded revolved around the never ending growing fashion and it's trends but today I thought why not try something a bit different. You'll still be able to see the fashion aspect on this post so no worries I just wanted to add up a few stories about my trip and the location I'm at at that time being. Honestly I have no idea where to start, I have so many things I want to share to you without telling you word-salad that would probably not make any sense.  

December 15, 2015. Must have been the most tiring and complex day in my entire life, I'd catch an early morning flight at 5 am to Singapore following with another connecting flight to Korea, Another 12 hours flight to San Francisco and the finally a short 2 hours flight to Seattle. In total I would say I spend 22-ish hours on air. We arrive in Seattle late 8pm Pacific Time. The 15th, as in my very first day in America was spend in and out of planes in different airports, but I'm not complaining I feel almost like Taylor Swift touring to countries after countries non-stop, although instead of touring and selling out arenas I was just walking to one gate to another to get to my next stop. 

The very next day we went off to Pike Market Place, the very mainstream yet superbly interesting place to be. Like any other tourist we visited the very first Starbucks, both my parents are heavy coffee drinkers so I assume visiting the first Starbucks is an essential for them, though my dad claims he makes better coffees. The shops along the lines of the very first Starbucks are all unique and that every store you see seem to be telling a different story. Architecturally they all look pretty similar but what makes each store an individual is it's content, each store sells very different items from one another and I think that is why I love strolling along that line, I love the atmosphere and how they all compliments each other perfectly. 

Then of-course we need to stop by the famous Pike Place Market, and I've got to tell you for someone who's not a fan of markets I enjoyed this one. Maybe because the term Market in Indonesia is a little bit of an understatement meaning they are stereotypically wet and dirty, not all of them though. So when the famm declared we will be going the the Pike Place Market I was sort of sceptical, let's just say I was not a happy camper. But the Pike Market is actually very nice, it's super duper clean and it does not stink, need I mention the beautiful and kind visitors and employee. And I was quite happy to find out that the market have something more than just raw fish and chickens. 

As I promised a styling portion of this post is right here! Up above if the outfit I'm wearing the first day in Seattle. Sporting the christmas spirit I use a pink aztec prink turtle neck I got from GAP and pairing it with my favourite jeans from Tory Burch. And because Seattle is pretty chilli I use my windbreaker jacket, it's just a pair of black coloured jacket with faux fur trimming in the hood. My shoes are from Nike they are the Lunar Elite in red. I have on a beanie with a bobble on the top and then finishing off with my pink MCM bag to top it off. And before you asked pink is my favourite color but I do not initially plan on wearing a lot of pink because I find pink a bit nauseating if it's wore overly as a accessory or the entire outfit. But I think my outfit is tolerate-able. The main objective of this outfit is actually just to stay comfy, since it's my first full day being in America I don't really want to dress up all fancy yet I was also not expecting such amazing places and angles to take pictures for the blog so the photos you see up above are all spontaneously taken. If you are wondering where it's somewhere around the pike market building.

This may come as a shock to some of you but back here Indonesia we don't have that many good thrift shops, I mean we have then just not as good quality as the ones we find in the US. Just across the streets and 2 blocks from the Pike Market Building there is this amazing thrift shop that sells a mix of retro and vintage miscellaneous,  I am most intrigue by the wide range of vinyl they sell I mean the 1937's Wizard Of Oz vinyl made in the year 1945 is there for sell. I am so amazed by thistory and age of each and every vinyl they have I mean considering their age and appearance they still do sound amazing, quoting what my dad said ~ old vinyls are made to last because the songs are songs men't to last. 

The Space Needle has to be hands down my favourite tourism place. The view is breath takingly beautiful, I must have walked 20 times around the balcony.  I can tell you that the view is priceless, and I can just stay there all day if it was not freezing to death. 

Last visit for the day was spent walking around Chihuly Glass Garden, and as you probably guess it yes I did took a lot of pictures but they are exclusively for the gram aka instagram. I would like to consider myself lucky because I've got to witness the making of the glass which a lot of people do see too. Watching the experts deliberately moulding and building the glass was tiring even for me to watch, but not once have I felt bored and I can tell you I sat there watching them going back and fourth checking up and fixing the glasses bits and bobs for hours, ok I might exaggerate a bit but it felt like ages. I even tried not to blink so that I wont miss out on a single second, it was intense and so soothing to watch like a therapy. 

Over all my trip to Seattle was a complete success and by far my favourite city I've visit so far in the US. Just a heads up I'll be posting more of these Travel Diary in my blog soon so if you'd like to read them you can go subscribe by email or follow me on the google follow chat. And one more thing, it would mean a lot to me if you'd take your time to press the add bellow the "Must See!" ban, thank you and I'll write to you soon!