While silver has been around for thousands of years in the forms of sparkly rings, bracelets, and pendants, its popularity has really heightened in the last few years. This happened for several seasons, one of the key reasons being the economy.

Reasons Silver has Become So Popular

Sterling silver is the shiniest and brightest of the precious metals, and it's also the most affordable. However, it's only been in recent years that well-known designers even such as Tiffany & Co have expanded their silver line and showcased it more during Fashion Week.  This trend has continued to all kinds of designer jewellery sites, and you can find and buy silver rings for ladies online by Silver by Mail. Click here for the list of silver rings offered by the company. These pieces of silver jewellery have become more affordable and stylish because the economy has changed and gold prices has risen.

·      With the ever changing economy and gold prices rising, many jewellers are wary of creating several gold pieces that may still be in stock after the Christmas and Valentine's Day rush. While the price of silver has increased, so has its value making it trendy enough to use in designer pieces and affordable enough for jewellers to sell to consumers.

·      Even those with steady jobs can't always afford gold but can afford a shiny new silver pendant set or ring. More companies are selling Sterling silver, which is stamped with "925" and means it has at least 92.5% pure silver in it. Some designer jewellery even contains Britannia silver, which is 96% pure and has an even smaller chance of tarnishing.

·      Gold is a heavier and denser metal, while Sterling silver is lighter and still durable, making it comfortable to wear necklaces and earrings for several hours at a time. However, some larger gold pieces of jewellery can trigger headaches if worn too long, while properties of silver actually have been known to heal pain in the olden days.

·      While yellow gold especially affects warm toned skinned individuals and makes them appear jaundiced, silver compliments almost every kind of skin tone and every kind of apparel.

·       Sterling silver jewellery styles and designs are endless. Gold jewellery especially tends to be more traditional while new Sterling silver pieces are more artistic, and have included a variety of gemstones, including diamonds. With yellow gold, designers need to be cautious as certain gemstones clash with it.

·      Trends change over time and one of the current trends includes Sterling silver jewellery, highlighted with gold accents. Prices have skyrocketed lately for platinum and gold, making silver, an easy option for designers.   Click here at Silver.uk.com to see their extensive collection of silver rings, pendants, bracelets, and even bundled sets.

Reports continuously state that while the economy has affected jewellery sales over all, silver sales are doing better than both gold and diamonds, partly due to the more affordable price and partly because India has developed a renewed interest in silver. During this time, you should also take advantage of designer pieces and lowered prices.