Now I can't express how excite I am for this post because I literally am beyond excited! I am in love on how this post end up looking like I just feel like it's clean and the colors are just on point, this is a happy day I must say. So today's outfit is going to be a little warmer, well if you add on tights of course and I feel like you could always play around with this outfit idea as a base. I mean you could throw on a beanie instead of a beret and a bright scarf or all on a funky socks and cashmere jackets absolutely anything your heart desires since his outfit is pretty monochrome and can adapt to any situations.

My sweater is from E-Land, E-Land is a Korean brand that specializes in anything cute and quirky and I think it is inspired by school attires or uniforms. The sweater have a crew neckline that come up a bit higher but I think it could not pass as a mock neckline so i categorize it as a high crew neckline if that even makes sense. It is pretty simple, just black a white wide stripes with black and white trimmed ribbon along the middle of the collar. My skirt is from H&M this skirt is definitely an oldie but a goodie (see what I did there!) If you read my old posts you'll recognized this skirt I used to use this all the time and now I decide to bring all those nostalgic memories back. I love the pleated look and how It's so structured although I wish it would have been a little more fitted because i find the flaring a bit too much. 

Next on I have on this belt i got from Fossil, it is just a braided belt so nothing special to talk about it. I have the belt on over my sweater abit to synch in my waist sine this outfit barely gives my any shape and without the belt I'll look super bulky on the upper area and that would not look faltering so a belt will help do the job. My shoes are these almost burnt red color with dark brown lace. I've also feature this pair a bunch of time in my blog and I'll try to not use them as much. I actually love how timberlands mould my feet, since they fit or appear big on me it gives out the illusion of a slender leg, but don't go around buying over size shoes the process and fit come naturally. 

The last item I need to talk about is my beret, my beret is this brwon-ish sat and pepper color with a pom pom in the left corner of it. Now I never wore a beret before this is actually my first time and I must admit it I am kind of obsessed with it. My new mission now is to find more. I love the way the beret frames my face and how it forces your hair to look exactly how you'd want it to be. Hand down berets are the new best thing man has every created, I'm not even exaggerating. 

And thats a wrap! I hope you find this post a little helpful if not then I hope you find inspirations from this post that you might want to recreate, thanks for sticking through this long and I know I don't say this as much as I should but I am so so so thankful for every one of you:) Thanks for reading and I'll write to you soon! And before I forgot, Happy almost new years!