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Changing Direction

I’ve been very inactive on my blog for the past months. It’s ironic as I remember I would always make time to put up a post at least once a week. I’ve never been the best writer, my articles had always been flooded with typos. To be frank I never used to proofread my articles, and asking a friend or someone, in general, to proofread my work has always intimidated me. I’m digressing, what I’m trying to say is, I used to be incredibly passionate about my blog. I don’t care if I got no views nor comment, my blog was truly MY space, it was my tiny corner on the internet that I’m incredibly proud of. However, over the past years my passion slowly fade, my blog was going in all direction and I was very unhappy with my content. I started receiving brand deal opportunities, and even if I don’t particularly like the content or product, I would accept every offer I got. Despite being very grateful I began to feel like blogging and writing good reviews as a job. I wasn’t authentic and most of the things I write seems fabricated even though it wasn't my intention. Which is why I took a very long but very needed break from The Closet Elf. During that time I focussed on school but also simultaneously gather ideas and clarify the direction of this blog. The Closet Elf would continue to write sponsored post in regards to fashion and lifestyle, however only of products I truly recommend and like. The blog would be more focused on lifestyle instead of fashion as I’m as interested in the industry as I was before. This clarification may not be necessary for you, but it is very necessary to be as it helps me ease my brain and keep my sanity. Thus, as I am in my senior year, I will be putting school as my number one priority but I will try very hard to maintain frequent content. As of committing to a schedule, I would try to have 2-4 posts a month. With that, I would like to apologize for being inactive and will be continuing this blog very soon! Thank you so much for sticking around <3

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The How to be Pretentious

It is almost a year since my last outfit post, and honestly I’ve been avoiding doing it for almost a year. One, I was getting bored of only doing outfit posts and it made me feel pretentious, and two I’ve always wanted a change in direction. However, after further reflection I realize that it is the way I present my ideas that made it superficial. Hence, today I am trying a different approach.

4 Inexpensive Ways to have a Productive Summer

Summer of 2018 would be the most hectic and busiest break of all my 17 years. Despite it being summer, school seem to swivel its way to what supposed to be a 2 months school break, instead of receiving awards for doing well in school, I was gifted with a handful of essays, reports and experiments to write. Thus, I am determined to make this summer a very productive 2 months. Yes, these points are quite unconventional and might not necessarily correlate, however these are the things I do to prep myself for a productive summer break. 

Outfits Accustomed for Lazy People

I go to a uniform school, which means almost all year round you'll catch me in a yellow button up. Tbh, I think uniforms are a blessing - yes, I understand it may constrict creativity and personal expression - they save so much time in the morning, it's a no-brainer activity. However, as summer break rolls around, using my school uniform may shine an uninviting light on both myself especially in the social environment. Hence, I paired up with YOINS to share three no-brainer outfits to accommodate your summer. 

Update your LWD ft. millybridal

The LWD or based on its fashion terminology as the little white dress is essentially the staple item in every wardrobe. It is the piece of clothing you’ll reach out and rely on religiously, each person’s criteria of the LWD are varied, however a constant trait of the LWD is its simplicity, I’ve partnered up with Milly Bridal UK selecting three LWDs just in case you'd want to update your LWD.