For some, including myself, the end of summer signifies the very beginning of a new era, freshman year of university. With that, comes the inevitable chain of goodbyes to your friends, family and everything that trails the scent of high school. As someone who will leave for uni quite later than my friends, I realize how hard it is to say goodbye hoping that the friendship would retain through the next couple of years. This makes one of the reasons as of why I always try to give my friends a going away gift just so that they’ll remember me and know how much they mean to me. 

I try to give my friends something personalized and ideally something small so they could bring it along to uni, which is why I was excited when Get Name Necklace popped on my inbox as they provide a variety of personalized jewelry perfect for a going away gift.  Here are three gift ideas all from

Infinity Necklace 

Great to give to a friend whom you’ve known for a long time, the infinity hoop acting as a symbolic representation of your friendship. What makes it more momentous is that you could opt to get your names on the necklace

The way to go if you want to get more sentimental as you could write a small message on the back. You could go either way with this necklace, you could go sentimental with a beautiful picture of the two of you and an endearing message, however I would rather have a goofy picture followed by an inside joke. 

The 1026

An extravagant gift for a very special someone. Both sentimental and personalized. What makes this piece unique is its versatility, you could choose your own font, text, and even birthstone, its many option allows you to gift a one of a kind gift. 

Although this post is sponsored, I really do think Get Name Necklace has products that's worth scrolling and shopping through. Its customization service and beautiful design, anyone you gift it to, whether it be your family or friends, would love it.


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