Back to school season is here! I know this might be the saddest time of the year and besides school supply shopping to cheer up the mood there is something better.. yup you guessed it back to school outfits. For me personally this have never been a problem because my school uses uniforms but for you who goes to school without uniform requirements let me give you a hand!

I feel the need to help out a friend (erkhm.. you..) by helping you shop for back to school, so here are a few of the outfit ideas! All the items put out bellow are from a shop called Zaful and obviously they have the perfect items and in budget for going back to captivity or as we call it school.

The first outfit I'd like to describe it as something retro chic, it is very elegant and may look like a lot of work but only consist of 4 staple items. The reason behind the striped blouse is that because of the design and shape, it is very loos and comfy perfect for school. As for the skirt I would reccomend to un button 5 of the button to give a little slit in the skirt. The shoes keep the outfit looking very casual and to support the look add on a suede wrap bracelet to give a more finished look. This outfit is definitely for someone who is bold enough to wear all the pieces together because if there is no confidence in wearing this outfit it will look overwhelming.

Outfit number two is a little bit more fancy but still is comfy.  I don't know you school/college attire policy but I know what most school have a rule of keeping your shoulders covered so to help you out I add on a pair or beige long cardigan, I also think that the cardigan adds a little something to the whole outfit. I don't know about you but I love the rounded toe shoes! I think they look very classy yet very simple.

This have to be my favourite outfit, it is very looks very comfy and does not need a lot of energy to accomplish this look but and the end it looks extremely put together. My favourite outfit pairing is a sweater and skirt, I think there is something about the pairing that makes you look very laid back and feminim. And can we just talk about the bag? I am obsessed with lavender colour especially if you are a more pale than tan lavender makes you apear more tan than you actually are.

This outfit output is more on the casual coast. The main piece of the striped dress shirt, and I love the colour palate they look very summery. To spice up the outfit I add on a denim jacket, the jacket is just a classic cut and design. Because I wanted to keep the outfit casual a pair of slip on c does the justice.

If you are the type of person who loves the colour white then this is the outfit for you. This outfit is extremely boho especially with the top. My favourite thing about this outfit is the pants, they are amazing and it reminds me of the 80's although I wish there were more patches in the pants but they are truly an essential everyone should have in their closet. Like the previous outfit to keep the look simple a white slip on with black lining is perfect for this look. Now because the outfit seem so dull and boring the watch is a smart touch because of the variety colours it hold and assemble.

Now you have your outfits ready all you have to do is conquer your wardrobe and go to school or college maybe even work! what ever you do and where ever you are dress the part it will give you the boost of confidence you need:)