Although summer is coming to an end, it is never too late to start exercising, especially during this time of year. Summer’s tail usually mean that the air is getting colder while still maintaining long daylight, which is why it’s the ideal weather to run. With a sport like running, it requires minimal essential item, the most prominent however are the shoes. Thus, to help any of you who are planning on pursuing this activity, I’ve partnered up with NewChic to bring you the comfiest yet stylish running shoes.

NewChic has a range of shoes collection, but their newest and most popular collection is the Xiaomi Shoes. The Xiaomi Shoes is the definition of a collection that caters for all. The focus of casual running shoes painted in classic colors, i.e. blacks, whites and grays. Shoes in the Xiaomi Collection are also quite inexpensive, around the $20 to $50 dollar range, which is why it is ideal if you want a pair of shoes that's not only comfortable and fashionable but does not make a hole in your wallet. They also have a few sportier sandals that is suitable for hiking. However, as this post emphasized in running shoes, I’ll only be talking about them.

Xiaomi Free Tie Shoes

Very minimalistic, and is available in both gray and black. NewChic’s “Free Tie” shoes are easily the best type of shoes to wear running on the go. Although laces do not take a lot of time to do every time before wearing your shoes, sometimes it gets annoying especially if you’re just so excited to run. Which is why the flexibility and “slip on, slip off” instruction of this shoe is gold. The thing that makes running shoes so comfortable is its sole, a thicker sole provides better support for your heel, this is why NewChic made the soles in “Xiaomi Free Tie Shoes” extra thick to better support your heel and your running experience. The design of the shoes is quite simple, so just incase you like to match your work-out outfit, these shoes will not give your an extra thing to think about.

Mijia Xiaomi Shoes

Available in four colors, all black, black and white sole, white, and a blue with red sprinkles. It's design is similar to the “Free Tie” shoes, the difference is “Mijia Xiaomi Shoes” requires a lace up and is available in more colors. However, even though it is a lace up shoes, “Mijia” could still pass as the “slip on, slip off” shoes because the top line of the shoes is made out of a rubber like material that can easily make room for the foot without having to untie the laces. Again similar to the “Free Tie” shoes, Mijia also value the comfort of its customers, having to design the shoes with 4 different layers, each serving a different purpose. In comparison to the “Free Tie” shoes, “Mijia” definitely looked slightly more put together. 

Overall both shoes are ideal running attire and its just a matter of preference. Personally I think NewChic has shoes that looks smart and sophisticated but also durable, comfortable and inexpensive.

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