I go to a uniform school, which means almost all year round you'll catch me in a yellow button up. Tbh, I think uniforms are a blessing - yes, I understand it may constrict creativity and personal expression - they save so much time in the morning, it's a no-brainer activity. However, as summer break rolls around, using my school uniform may shine an uninviting light on both myself especially in the social environment. Hence, I paired up with YOINS to share three no-brainer outfits to accommodate your summer. 

Romper              Bag              Hat               Sandals

Rompers are slowly becoming a staple piece in everyone's wardrobe as it requires no energy to coordinate a full outfit, hence the mustard romper to accommodate both the summer weather and your lazy bone. To compliment the color I add on a straw hat and pleather tote. Finishing the look with tassel sandals that do have a little bit of yellow to match the entire outfit. 

Top               Shorts              Shoes

Outfit number two is something you could easily recreate with the items you already have in your closet. A boxed striped shirt paired with black shorts. However, if you don't have them, go directly to Yoin's  fashion women's tops online sales section and choose your pick. The pom-poms on the shorts add an extra personality that avoids the outfit from looking too plain and boring. However, it is the waved soles and roses print sandals that confirm the outfit's originality. 

Dress              Flats              Bag

The last outfit is slightly fancier, it is fancy enough for dinners but, not something I'd recommend you to wear on a red carpet. This is personal preference but I think florals work for both seasons; spring and summer, hence, the patterned dress. 2/3 outfit's main components are yellow so you could probably see a theme going on by now. This yellow dress along with many other beautiful dresses could be found on Yoin's  fashion dresses sales online for women section. I think yellow is the navy blue of winter, which is why I try to incorporate as many yellow as possible. I add on red flats in hope of elevating the outfit before finishing with a matching purse. 

I'd also like to quickly add that YOINS is not only the place to go for lazy people but is also an online store that caters an amazing variety of fashion items. With that mentioned, I'll end the post right here and I'll write to you again asap! 

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