I am very much aware that for the past  months I’ve been in hiatus. True story; Lorry Jonas (an amazing and extremely patient reader) sent me an email to check up on me. To be frank, I’m quite alright and am completely fine. The reason I’ve not been blogging as much as 2014 or the years prior to 2017 is because of school and the insane amount of homework to tackle. I learn my mistake and is currently formulating a strategy for better blogging.

Now that I’ve mentioned and justify (tbh it was more of an attempt) my long and unplanned break, we could go directly into the actual content. 2018 ends in 4 days, which means this post would be completely irrelevant in  days, hence the list of things to do here are quite simple. In hindsight, this post is generated from personal dissatisfaction of 2017. I feel like if 2017 was a bottle of water, I myself filled up just about ¾. Thus, this is an attempt to end 2017 on a satisfactory level.

To do #1

T0 do #2

To DO #3

tO dO #4

TO do #5

A very short and (hopefully) condense post. A billlion thank u’s for being very very patient and understanding, emails and their replies are on the wayy! This is possibly the last post for 2017, and with the inconsistency of 2017, I promise you 2018 will be better.. Merry late Christmas, Happy late Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing day and Happy New Years <3

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