Hello there you! today I brought to you a post I write and edited on a plane on my way to San Francisco, I mean when you have bout 12 hours of sitting why not do something productive? I actually prepared this post a while ago but never find the time editing so when I find out I was going to be on a plane for 12 hours straight this is the best opportunity I have so far to write a post. I have always wanted to of this type of post where I give out ideas to buy for your special someone and since christmas is right around the corner I count find a better opportunity. So here are 5 of my favourite things I think would make an amazing gift for the women in your life. 


Headbands, headbands are very simple gifts and works well for stocking stuffers as well but I personally think headbands for the winter time looks absolutely stunning and it can easily elevate any look. And since it’s december it wouldn’t hurt to buy a festive headband with christmas colours like green and red. and if you want to go more over the top you could gift somebody a DIY headband, DIY-ing things shows how much effort you put on giving them gifts and shows how much you truly care about them. Here is the link to my version of a DIY Headband(CLICK!) 


Skirts makes an amazing layering piece for the winter time so why not gift them? In the picture above the three skirt I choose are pretty festive, I have a tartan or plaid skirt, a tribal beige skirt with vibrant colours that provides the perfect about of colours and last an over pleated leather skirt. I don’t know about you but nothing screams christmas more than a tartan or plaid pattern I think that kind of pattern is a classic winter essential. The beige skirt, I love, you can easily dress it up or down accordingly because the design and cut is very chic and modest. I also love the color combination something about them just makes them look festive and I think that because of the duo mesh between the orange and deep turquoise. Last piece of skirt is the traditional leather skirt, this leather skirt is from H&M and I think this piece is more of a dressy piece due to the overly pleated accent.


Third is a beanie, you can never go wrong giving a person a beanie. For the ones you know most or is more close to you it would be easier for you to pick the perfect beanie design, but for the ones you barely know but still want to do something nice for the holidays I suggest getting them a plain and simple one colour block beanie like the black one I have on. You could give an over the top beanie but it may not be everyones expertise so giving and sticking with the basic colours will do the job. 


Next is a staple piece that I’ve been currently into and that is vest, if you have a friend or a person you know thats into fashion and styling a vest is definitely a good gift to go. A vest is one of the best layering pieces for the winter and it can make any outfit look more put together.


Last and I think one of the most essential gift to present anybody for christmas is a sweater. Now it would be really cute to give a person an ugly sweater for christmas and I would personally prefer giving somebody and ugly sweater instead for Christmas but since I don’t have one at the moment I just show you two of my favourite sweaters at the moment. Booth sweaters are from ZARA I got a couple months ago so I think it’s still in stores. 

And that is it you guys! hope you find ideas for the holidays, I'll write to you soon:)