Hello you! The response I receive from the Seattle Travel Dairy I posted was beyond my expectation I decide to carry on with the series. This trip happen just after San Francisco meaning it happens a good one and a half month ago so things I mention and the activities may not be in order. I went on December of 2015 up till the 23rd.  

From Seattle my family and I catch a plane to San Francisco and begin our trip then, by the time we arrive it was quite late and were pretty much drained. My hotel was super close to Pier 39, it was honestly just a block away so we went and grab dinner there. My dad's been to San Francisco for quite sometimes now so he knows what to consume while were there.  We end up in the classic clam chowder restaurants. 

Right bellow are pictures taken in the hotel and yes the hotel is aesthetically pleasing. I believe we stayed in  Zaphyr. 

A trip to San Francisco would not be complete without stopping at the famous Golden Bridge. Weather in San Francisco was horrible through the time period I'm visiting that concludes the not"hd" picture but I still love San Francisco endlessly and I would go back in a heart beat. 

My favourite visits has to be the Charles M. Schulz Museum and I don't technically grow up with snoopy my mom did but the moment i enter the museum the atmosphere just changed, I might sound insane but you can really feel the love and inviting environment once you enter. The workers are specially nice too, everything in that museum just grabs my attention and if you're in the area go and visit the museum it's amazing. 

I might have lied, red wood forrest must have been one of my favourites. I am not an outdoorsy person nor do I play sports but the forrest seem so inviting and clean I am exited to explore.

And that's it! overall my trip to San Francisco was amazing I mean it could've been better if only the weather cooperates but I can't blame the weather. I'll write to you soon!