My eye sight have gone from bad to brutally atrocious. I've been using glasses inconsistently for the past year, in classes where the marker seem to be un-visible or a presentation with very tiny letters only then I'll use my handy danddy glasses. Besides that I like my face free of access accessory.

Tbh, the main reason my glasses aern't use efficiently and as much as it would like is because I look completely heinous with them, but then again I'm hopeless without them. It's a delimma  I've yet overcome. Over the course of forever I've been on the hunt for the suitable frame that could at-least make me look less heinous, It didn't go very well. I always know finding the fight frame to suit a certain face shape is hard, but never imagine it to be this difficult.

Just last week a the brand Firmoo emailed me requesting for a review of their goods on my blog. if you haven't got the memo Firmoo is an online glasses/sunnies company, at first I was just going to do a review on one of their sunnies instead of their prescription glasses but out of the blue I fell in love with a pair of squared oblong glasses. I was a little hesitant on choosing that particular style because I didn't know how it'll frame my face but with the help of the "try" option I was able to picture how it'll look like on me.

The brand was super nice to send the frames to my doors so now you're going to hear my thoughts HAHA<3u.

All you need to know is that the pictures are true to shape, size and design. The design looks exactly like the picture if anything they look slightly better. There isn't any complain i'd like to let loose design wise as they meet my expectation.

When ordering you'll need to fill up a few questions regarding your eye sight that will eventually form to determine your glasses prescription, and yes I'm about to tell you more good news as they came precisely like what I ordered. So another check mark on this department.
I've only owned this pair of a little over a week so I couldn't judge this portion to it's maximum but I'll fill you in on a little information. I've been using this glasses non-stop ever since the day I receive them in the mail and being the clumsy person I am I have dropped it a couple times already. And let me emphasis that they've not scratch one bit.

Before I've end this I just need to quickly say that I am not paid to mention all this nice points about the brand, opinions I let loose in this post are completely true and sincere. I would not want you to buy things isn't worth your money... Here's some more good news, If you want a pair of Frimoo glasses you can enter a giveaway Frimoo arranged by Frimoo themselves, the rules are simple and to view the complete details you can click HERE! 

And that's it for today, l'll write to you soon!