The last time I posted was over two weeks ago, way too long and tbh I do not have a strong enough explanation as to why so  I'm going to start this post with a semi-update/explanation, first off I've been mia from posting due to school and it's insane amount of home-works. Second, yes I do read all your emails and I do reply to every single one of them but I've not been consistent opening  and replying email lately due to the same reason so please be patient I promise you will receive an email from me soon, still about emails please email me to this address if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi:) That is the only email address I reply to regarding the blog, other emails of mine you might know of is no longer available and used. 

The reason I'm pointing this out is because I've been receiving some angry emails in my other account because I do not reply them or refuse to answer their questions, I do not intend on ignoring you and I do try my best to answer all your questions, trust me I get super excited reading your emails so there wound't be any reason for me to ignore you. 

Yey, now with that out of the way lets start with the post. I just got around on writing this post right now and this trip was back in December 2015 so my memory might be a little rusty but again I'll  make sure to put in as much information as I can. 

My trip to Korea was with my school for 5 days.  We had 3 full days in Korea aka the only days that were actually fun and worth sharing besides that the first and last day were spent in the airport going to Korea and back to Indonesia so that wouldn't be too fun to read. 

Day #1


Our very first stop was the Insadong Antique Street, we were given the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood for 30 to 45 minutes max. We were not able to spend much time there but honestly this was one of my favourite part of the entire trip and I think thats because I always enjoyed long walks and especially in Korea where it's super clean and every store looks like something from a magazine. From there we grab lunch at Bombay Grill, if I'm not wrong it's this eastern restaurant. I am not a fan of the restaurant in general the food and interior aesthetic does not suit my likings but it may be just me because the place literally smells of panch phoron which isn't something I'm a fan of. 

Then from 1pm to 3pm we learned the art of broadcasting from Arirang a Korean tv network. Cameras are restricted, yes it was very devastating but it makes sense why they'd keep their center private. Before ending the day we were able to walk around Chungjangno Street for a fair aomount of time, I forgot the exact time limit we were given but we spent a longer time there then at Invading Antique Street. 

Day #2

Day 2 was kind of the boring day, we were entering and exiting so many universities including Chosun University and a Community media center.  This day were completely full of touring different media universities and art galleries.  Again most of the centers restricts visitors for using their cameras so there isn't much hd pictures I can show you.

 Day #3

The third day was spent in the Korea Folk Village and hands down it might be my new favourite place, we were given a task to interview natives and visitors about the village so my group and I were running around finding potential visitors to interview, it was harder than we thought because apparently most of the visitors that day were allergic to cameras. Then we had lunch inside the village before going to Dongdeamun and Myeongdong for shopping. 

And that's a wrap, special thanks to Risa for taking most of the aesthetic pictures and listening to my rambles at night! she have a blog and if you appreciate photography go take a scroll at her blog CLICK! and comment nice things because her pictures are da bomb. Okk I'll write to you soon:)