For this post I thought I’ll bring back an oldie, I used to do a lot of favourites post back when I just started blogging and slowly I sort of stopped. So here I have a list of things I’ve been doting. Usually I’ll categorise the items but I don’t it would be necessary considering the amount of items I plan on sharing.

Michael Kors, Jet Set Travel Crossbody

I have this bag for a little over a year but never purposely reach out for this purse on a daily basis as it is way to small to fit my necessity. But lately I’ve been sporting the hobo look aka bringing almost nothing with me anywhere and everywhere and by nothing I meant cash and a hair-tie so this bag does it’s justice. Although my wallet does not fit in this tiny purse I usually transfer the money inside into a smaller pouch, not the most convenient way to carry money but at least it fits in the purse and I am currently not in the mood to carry big purses. 

Another reason why this purse seen outdoors more was because it’s versatility, it’s colour seem to match everything and because it has a subtle metallic  sheen and texture it adds an extra pop of colour and dimension to the entire outfit without overdoing also because of it’s simple rectangular design. Silver chain hardware connects the bag to the strap, sometimes I’d like to hang keychains to the hardware to add personality to the bag. 

They fit almost nothing but to give you a better picture of how much it actually hold the picture above shows essentials I usually bring with me out an about. The amount of things shown in the picture are not the maximum it could hold, although if you’re thinking about cramping more stuffs in the purse I suggest you not to because It’ll change the figure and shape of the purse and it’ll look off paired with your outfit later on. Something to take note off is that this purse is not design for everyday wear hence it’s size. 

I never feature anything beauty related on my blog because I was never a pro or understand the art and potential of makeup nor skincare but this particulate product is worth sharing. To say that this is one of my march favourites is an understatement because I honestly think this could be an essential for as long as I live. It’s extremely rare that I rave over a skincare product to this says something. I’ll not talk about the body scrub too much because I’ll post a review for the upcoming post, so if you’re interested on knowing the serum or how it works generally along with additional information and tips look out for the next post. 

Overall Dress

Overall dress is an invention that changed my life and the time duration it took me to get dressed. It is so easy to style and with it’s versatility going from day to night with a few change of jewellery takes about 2 seconds. A pair I’ve been using a lot is the one I got from cotton on, its the classic medium wash denim with two long pockets down the front, a razor back that connects to the two button on the neckline. I own a pair of pink and khaki green ones but those two does not see life as often as the denim one because both colours are tricky to pair but on certain occasion I do reach out for them and try to find something in my closet that compliments it’s features. 

On days where I’m lazy to get dress I usually throw on a large sweater to pair with one of the overalls, but on days where I feel more productive I’ll have on  button-down shirt or something a bit more cheerful. Then I’ll have on a pair of oxfords to complete the look. 

Nike Huarache

Back in december I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of basic runners because if you take a look at my shoe collection you could see all the colours of the rainbow, which I used to like but sometimes it gets a little bit tacky. I got this pair early january and I’ve been using it religiously ever since. Because it match with anything this shoe is the pair I reach out for most of the times, sometimes I’ve got to resist getting them because I used it way too much. As for the design I can’t say much about them, I don't think they are design to be slip-ons you're supposed to untie them to let your foot lay and tie them back but because of my lazy habits I just slip my foot to them without the trouble of tying them back. 

This shoe is prestigious for making your feet look large and bulky so thats something to consider before purchasing them, but I personally don’t mind as they fit like a glove and is super comfortable. I believe there are a couple different colour option for the huarache design but I was searching for basics so I do not opt for a bright colour. 


I’ve been using belts nonstop for the past month even to jeans or bottoms that fits perfectly fine, I find that adding belt to an outfit elevates the look and depending on the texture, colour and buckle of the belt it could easily change your outfit’s entire personality. Belts that are thick, rick dark brown that it’s leather had cracked are the ones I tend to reach out most. I prefer belts that appear worn out and used to it’s extent then the ones that are sleek and it’s leather are still in perfect condition especially when they are shinny, I personally don’t find shinny belts appealing even when It’s paired with a supporting outfit. Belts especially with cracks forming in their leather gives a rusty look and appear more laid-back, it is also a good way to play up textures to your outfit.

Pink Nails

My school have this no nail polish policy which is common for schools in Indonesia, so pink nail polishes are the only nails colour I get get away with without having both my teachers and friends noticing it. And by pink I meant the lightest shade of it’s existence, the shade I use is the shimmery one and needs to be build up for the colours to turn opaque. I’m not it’s biggest fan but I’ve been using this shade a lot for the past month so it’s wise to mention it up here. 

James Bay

James bay have been playing on replay and I’ve been listening to it religiously. Theres not much to say about him but you really need to download his entire album and listen to Incomplete, Need the Sun To Break and If You Ever Want To Be In Love. 

March flew by extremely quick due to my repetitive schedule and bundle of schoolwork piling up my desk hence the short list. But then again, I do try to cut down things that are unnecessary to share and just mentioning things I use excessively. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’ll write to you soon. 

*some of the pictures aren't mine, down bellow are links from where I got them: