Top 5 Spring-Summer Quickies ft.WSDear + GIVEAWAY(closed)

May 5, 2016

Seeing that the weather has gotten warmer I would round up five of my favourite rompers and dresses for the Spring and Summer. Where I live the transition of seasons isn’t noticeable, Indonesia only have two type of seasons; wet and hot, but if Im being completely honest rainy days don’t come as frequently, it barely rains.

Therefore this type of uniform is allegeable, but for you who lives in countries with complete seasons I know it’s mid spring and  some of this items might not be suitable for where you live along with it’s weather. But no worries I’ve tried to come up with ways to able them for the mid-spring weather, you can judge and rate them yourself if they really are allegeable for the season. But if not, you could always bookmark this post for future outfit references when the right temperature comes.

Chiffon Stitching lace

This ones a classic summer piece but with the right accessory and layers this could just work for both season. Generally speaking it’s everything you could ever ask for in a summer’s shift dress;

  1. loose and flowwy
  2. Covers enough skin
  3. Right length 
  4. Originality 

Something worth admiring about this piece is definitely the bell-sleeve, bell-sleeves gives an illusion of lean toned arms without even exposing the skin. Making your wrist look thin and small due to the wide arm-hole. The dress provides the right amount of detail for comfort, mesh cutouts on the arms adds originality and bohemian vibe. To conclude this shift dress is perfect for summer.

Now to bring this piece traveling in spring an easy way to elevate the look is to add pop’s of colours. When adding pop of colours stay away from any earth tones and monochrome colours, save that for winter. As flowers starts to bloom it would be wise to compliment and cooperate those colours in your wardrobe. Go for primary colours, pastel works too. You dont have to go all out with the colours, a bright bagel bracelet or footwear is fine, as long as your outfit have some sort of mismated colour. 


This one probably screams summer more than the white belled sleeve dress. Although, because of the floral pattern and primary coloured design on the dress I approved this dress for being applicable for spring, pattern wise at-least. Again this would be the right summer dress as it’s made from cotton, a light weight and soft material that would be good for the summer heat. but for colder days a light cardigan or silver hardware leather jacket would look just as nice. 

To accessories this dress for spring there are no colour constriction as the pattern of the dress is enough for the season, so the main key to make this dress usable for the colder weather is outerwear and to accessorise dangled earrings. 

Paist Black 

Yes this might look like your grandma’s curtain but believe it or not granny pattern has slowly made a comeback to the fashion industry and looks faltering on if used and styled the right way they which is not hard to do. The main points on styling granny prints or any heavy patterned items is;

  1. Compliment the item with the same coloured accessory
  2. Go for earth tone colours 
  3. Bets, preferably a thin one. Just enough synch or separate the top and bottom 
  4. Just enough accessory, keep the look minimalistic. Too much accessory makes the entire look tacky. 

From the design this dress looks very suitable for both seasons. For spring you could layer the dress with tights and a slouchy cardigan and for the summer you can wear it as it is with a few accessory to bring out the elements in the dress. The dress’s back can be an eye stopper as it shows the right amount of skin without making the whole dress look “unfinished” cutouts are very popular for summer, but they do give you wired and uneven tan lines but thats not something you can’t hide. 

Printed V-Neck

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’ve been massively inspired by hobos. My outfits have never looked so chilled and relax and I don’t know if this is a transition or my fashion taste evolving to something “lazy” but tbh I’ve been digging the hobo attire, by the hobo attire I meant by something very casual and slouchy but looks decent when you wear them. In a way they look very minimal and sophisticated without even trying, I think it’s the minimalistic look that draw me towards more basic essential items that I’ve now considered as the hobo attire. 

Anyway, back to this stunning piece, it looks like a bath robe in the best way if that’s even possible. Again this is not ver spring appropriate but with the right amount of layer and combination it might just work. I love how the arms are loosely draping over the boulders, combined with the equally loose shorts. It is seem from the design that this piece is definitely faltering especially to women with board shoulders as the neckline compliments their figure perfectly. The black and white stripes for me adds more of a robe-ish look which oddly draws me inmate into the romper. Besides that rompers are always good for any season as they are a full outfit without the struggle of matching the top and bottom. Definitely a piece that saves a ton of time. 


Similar to the romper above here’s another one that’s just as much robe-ish. But instead of black and thick white stripes it’s navy and white and it reminds me of popeye the sailor man. I’ve mention the benefit of rompers in the paragraph above but what makes this one different is that it’s synched waistline are actually connected and is automatically set by it’s rubber that’s strung over the waits. 

Overall shape wise this piece will work with a lot of different figures although to women with pear or an apple shaped figure this might not be the most faltering piece for you as they can end up enlarging your hips unproportionally. But to women with an hourglass, rectangular and triangle shaped figure this will look stunning on you. The full sleeves shows a more put together look because they finish at the middle of your arms. 

Great news! WsDear and I are hosting a giveaway for one of you lucky readers so you'll be ready for the spring-summer season. The giveaway is worldwide and all you have to do is comment down bellow your favourite item from Ws Dear and mention your spring-summer essential. To make things easier comment down bellow in this format;

Summer essential: 

My name's Hilary and I hope to win and my favourite item is  A hair tie is an essential of mine in the spring-summer season,

The giveaway ends 4 weeks from now (June 3, 2016) so enter now! each person is entitled to an entry not more than one. Good luck!


Without a doubt there are plenty more spring/summer dresses but then this post would be way too long so here are just my top 5. As of right now posting schedule is still undefined but hopefully by June I'll come up with something, before that please stay patient:) I'll write to you again soon!

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