Korean Cosmetics Fist Impressions! Etude House, Tony Moly, Peripera

Jun 4, 2016

This post is long over due, last December I went to Korea with a few of my friends and one of them so happens to be very passionate about Korean beauty products hence the reason this post was created. I did write this post 3 months ago but forgot to post it on my blog but better late than never.  

Etude House- Play Color Eyes

I am in love with this palate, when I first enter the shop my first intention was to purchase individual shadow colors but when I saw this palate I completely drop all the shadow palates I have in my hands and decide to grab this gem. It have all the colors I could possibly need and I think it is a great starter for beginners. The first five shadows in the palate are matt and the last five are shimmery. I love shimmery shadows especially for winter it adds a warm touch to the entire look. The colors are very pigmented and they all came out nicely on the eyelids. The shadows names are all in Korean so I have my friend help translate it for me: 
1.honey milk 
2.cafe mocha  
3. Chocolate latte 
4. Caramel latte 
5.coconut at the beach 
6. Goes on my heart 
7. Except syrup and takeout 
8. Cafe latte 
9.Honey grapefruit Agency 
10. Peach pepper salt

Oh and before I forgot, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging, as you probably already notice this palate is absolutely coffee inspired so there are coffee beans all over it. Overall I really recommend this palate especially for the price.    

Tony Moly- Jet Black Liner

Next up is the famous Tony Moly. Tony Moly is actually one of the brands I've searched in google to see what kind of product I would like to buy from the store and I happen to bought exactly what I want. The way it was presented on the store confirmed for a split second how recommended it is and how it appeal to the Korean citizen so I bought one for myself and one for my mom. The packaging is so smart I think but it is way too big. The tip of the liner is tall and it works as a settlement for the brush of the liner and then when you twist the access it reveals the actual chalk liner. I actually used this product once I purchased it and I honestly don't see whats the hype about, I honestly think it's plain black liner, there isn't anything too special about it to me exact the packaging. 

Peripera - Water Tint, Cherry Juice

The last product I have is the Peripera lip tint, I bought this in the shade Cherry Juice and I honestly don't expect a vibrant red color from this tint more so of a dark pink but it actually came out very pigmented and bright which I'm not complaining. I love lip tints even-though I don't use it very often i still think they are better than lip sticks, but the problem with lip tints is that it tents to only stay intact and the color will one come out in the dry sports of the lips instead of the other un-dry area which sometimes drives me insane because then the color of my lips will be un even.  But this one don't, this tint actually sticks and is pretty tightly intact and evenly colors my lips which I like. I can already tell that this tint will get some good use out of itOverall I recommend this product if you are interested on a cheap but good quality lip tints. 

Personally I think Korean makeups are pretty cool, but it isn't something I'd  go to a store and buy for myself. Their products tend to look very "dolly" but it is a good alternatives since Korean makeups are pretty inexpensive. 


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  3. This looks so nice! Thanks for the review!


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  6. nice palate i got one from maybelline the nudes and is so cool as well

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  11. Para nosotras este tipo de cosméticos son una maravilla. Ne encanta. Bss y feliz martes.


  12. Un post muy interesante, la paleta de sombras es preciosa. Me gusta mucho tu blog, me quedo por aquí ;)


  13. That's so cool, love your style!

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  14. Amazing palette!

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  15. I love K-beauty! They have sooo many brands and so many new products constantly coming out, it's exciting but a little overwhelming, lol. I'm glad to discover the Etude play color eyes palate and that it is pigmented and goes on easy. Would love to get that on my next trip to Korea. I'm also absolutely loving tints right now!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  16. Perfect. Soft colors, so nice! :)


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