Yesterday marks the end of my freshmen year in equivalent to the official start of the summer break, where I live happy-hour starts 2 weeks latter than others but it’s fine, the last couple weeks of school was spent wondering the pins in math class deciding which summer goals to really follow. Now that school is officially out of the picture and uniforms are not an everyday requirement. 

I’ve gathered up 5 required bottoms appropriate for the hot weather to simplify your job in putting up your outfits or just as reference. To make your job extra simple all the items mentioned in this post are from an online fashion boutique that houses respectable designers from all over Asia. Just a heads up, is a bit pricier than most online boutiques, but considering the quality and brand the price is justifiable, I’d also like to mention that if you’re ever too lazy to physically go shopping have an amazing range of items not just bottoms with varied style to suit your preference. 

Polyester Work Shorts

Usually I save my favourite piece for last but not today, lately I've been abandoning bright colours and busy pattern instead opting for muted, cool based colours because I found along that range soothing. Work-short like them is big on the thigh and usually falls in the middle, from a distance it's pleated feature and soft a-line structure resemble a tennis skirts. In a way a pair of work-shot is a good alternative for tennis skirts if you ever need to feel a bit more protected since they are actually trousers.  

Wide Leg Pants

Similar to the work-shorts these wide legged pants give the illusion of a shapeless middi skirt. This type of bottoms are incredibly hard to pair and it certainly do not mesh with a lot of different top unless you are blesses with a rectangular figure and less curves then this wide legged pants will suit you regardless the top because this pants does not extentuate nor compliments a certain part of you torso and bellow. Generally this type of pants purposely design for leisures instead of showing off your long legs, that is why they are designed so big and puffy making them light and breezy. I've come up with a rule when styling this type of pants is that either to pair it with a fitted top and flats or looser top and heels/platforms. 

H-Line Wide Leg

This pants are identical to the one before it only difference is that it's more structured and holds more shape. I would be less cautious in wearing this compared to the one above because this one is pleated closer to the skin giving the illusion of a slimmer thigh. I'm not going to ramble much more about this pants since they are almost identical to the one above so tips and tricks are the same. 

Sheath Powder Blue

This one is designed by the talented Lilith A Paris the skirt is super structured considering the material which approves this piece for summer. The design is not everyones taste but with the right accessory and colour combinations this piece could easily be transformed from day to night. The white sheath trimming elevates the entire design and making it look low-key professional. 

Viscose Midi

Wrap skirts are an essential not only for the spring/summer season but year round, in colder weathers pair them with black tights and they would look just as nice. Beige is for sure a summer colour due to it's versatility and simplicity, not to mention anything goes with this kind of skirt. An absolute no briner, appropriate for the summer weather. 

And there you have it 5 bottoms essential for the season. Before ending the post, I would like to update you that since I've officially start my summer break blog posts would come more frequently so keep and eye for that by following the blog and all my social medias, again so sorry for my inconsistency in posting there are no reason good enough as to why so to make up for that I'll be sure to post as frequent as possible.