If theres anything we have in common is a stack of white tops in out closets, there is something about white that defines a classic and clean overall. It is a universal colour that can be easily transform accordingly. Considering Indonesia is right in the equator aka 12 months of summer the outfit ideas involving white tops are all very appropriate for the hot weather. 

All the white tops are from apparelcandy.com a wholesale online boutique producing more than just white tops. If you are ever in need to revamp your wardrobe Apparel Candy is one place to go, prices are relatively cheap and their item production are very adaptable and universal I’m almost 99.9% sure you’ll find something you’ll like. I’d recommend you to go check out their range of graphic tees, yes I know graphic tees are 2 summers ago but if you paired them with the right accessory and not just khaki shorts they will look just fine. 

White Top #1

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The first white is very common but because it’s shoulder detail the tops is a bit more irregular. On the shoulders Apparel Candy has manufactured golden polkadots to add more dimension. I am personally very picky with T-shirts, I would look at every seem, cut and shape just to make sure it’ll look faltering. Length wise this one is ideal and usually the length I’d prefer, i don't like full length t-shirts are they wrap up the butt making my legs look stubby and shapeless, but i also am not a fan of crop tops because they do tend to widen my already broad shoulders. As of sleeves they are also very very ideal, the key with sleeves is either you go 5 inches in length (from the peak of your shoulders) or 3/4 length, regular sleeves just don't look as good flattering and could sometimes give the illusion of a stubby arm. The collar of this particular top is relatively higher, it does not show your collar bones generally the collar sits directly in the foot of your neck. When you have a broader shoulder, higher collar compliments your figure nicely, but then again if you have a narrow shoulder a high collar could work only if you paired them with a fitter bottom because higher collar tend to swallow your figure. If there was an award for the best go to white top this one would’ve been in the top 3, it has all the criteria to have been what I define as the t-shirts I would wear and that compliments the figure. But the points above are based on personal preference and if have your own specific criteria please share them in the comment box bellow:)

White Top #2

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Not necessarily in Indonesia but I’ve heard that summer is the season where festivals are happening and a bunch of them are held to raise the summer spirit. The top above is a classic festival attire. One way to look different from others is to use a bunch of vibrant light weight necklaces, that way your outfit could look more summery and bright. Or if you’re up to for a mini diy you could use iron on transfer pepper and print a graphic to the top. The top itself is super versatile, the slit mesh would be a keeper for festivals as they are a combination of both bohemian and sophisticated aka not trashy. With this kind of top both short and long trousers could work and look as good, but because its summer and hot + humid, shorts would be a better option. 

White Top #3

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The third top is the definition of summer, the colours from the flower petals are very summery and bright. A detail that isn't too noticeable is the ruffles in the bottom of the top, it adds in more structure and overall makes the top more unique compared to others. Design wise it’s a mundane top but because of the pattern and ruffles it could pass as something worth purchasing. Not going much in detail this top is more day wear than it is night, very cheesy but I’m imagining this top on a picnic or a 10am brunch at a local coffee shop. Yes, I watch too much rom-com and sitcoms blame all the free time I have. 

And that is it for today, white tops are just overall a necessity and if you don't own at-least one you would wear a hundred times over and over again then go on and raid your closet or check out Apparel Candy to pick one up. And before I end this post, if you’d want to be updated every-time I post please go sign up on gfc or subscribe via email:) 

Check out Apparel Candy at www.apparelcandy.com

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