Top 5 Tops: Summer 2016 #Wishlist

Jul 8, 2016

I view uniforms as a blessing in disguise, I mean the amount of time it saved getting ready and how brains are un-required in the mornings how can they possibly be anything but a blessing. By no means am I trying to say that my school uniform is faltering but if it means I get to sleep in a little longer and not think about constructing a decent outfit in the morning than I’m on board. 

But apparently I’m on my school break which also means I’d need to get creative planning outfits as uniforms are no longer an option. So to help you (and I) out temporary retired uniform wears here are five of my favourite tops to use appropriate for the hot weather. 

To simplify your job, the tops shown bellow are all from Zaful and online apparel boutique that sells high quality and inexpensive apparels and not just tops. So if you think you need to revamp your wardrobe go ahead and visit their site: 

Off The Shoulder (CLICK!!)

Off the shoulder or also known as the sabrina top are very popular in the late 70’s because of Sandy Olsson but slowly the fire had toned down and crop tops came in the picture. Now because fashion is a never ending analog turning clockwise off the shoulder tops had popped back in the picture. Because there are so many design and differences an off the shoulder top can produce they are less likely to become overrated. A cropped sabrina would compliment the figure better than full lengths one as they tend to wrap shut your torso up. 

Knit Top (CLICK!!)

Knitted tops are something I’d picture to be worn on a sunny day at the beach as a cover up, but if you’d prefer to wear them up then you do you. There are really nothing much about this top, generally because this top acts as my go to. They are surprisingly very comfy and airy so you wont be producing sweat all day. There is not certain shape and cut for this kind of not and it does not necessarily compliments your body shape but a knitted top is great to have on the go incase. 

Choker Top (CLICK!!)

Choker tops are fairly new invention, a rare occasion especially in the industry where everything is recycled. They are tops that has an attached fabric that’ll wrap around your neck like a choker. This kind of tops are very flattering guiding the your focus to your face. 

Halter Top (CLICK!!)

Hater might just be one of my favourite necklines, they are extremely faltering to anyone with broad shoulders and short torso. And because the neck length is adjustable they are easily accessible and be dressed depending on the accessory. 

Bell Sleeves (CLICK!!)

Top #1               //               Top #2

Last year bell bottoms are making headlines now it’s cousin is too. Belled sleeves have the ability to give an illusion of a longer and slimmer arm. The tops above are basically killing two birds with one stone, lace ups are also very much on trend right now and having them with belled sleeves is a match made in heaven. 

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  1. Great selection my dear, I love this off the shoulder top :-)

  2. Want the knitted one!!

  3. Hi, you just commented on my blog :) I want to follow you. Can you follow me back on Google plus and Google Friend Connect :) I followed your blog on GFC ^^

  4. Your picks are great, I am loving most of these trends at the minute! x

  5. Ooh love these picks!

    Alice x

  6. Oh, I love everything! I did my first order on zaful yesterday, I have great expectations :) Love, A

  7. Great post!All of these tops looks so nice! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I will follow yours now! X


  8. Love this inspiration! all the shirts are amazing! Kisses

  9. LOVING off shoulder blouses! :)

    P.S Bei mir kannst du gerade eine super angesagte Jeans im Wert von 70 Euro gewinnen! :)
    Vl. möchtest du dir die Chance nicht entgehen lassen? ♥


  10. gee! i need those shirt off the shoulder obviously my favourite

  11. I love halter tops and I'm really happy they are on trend now! Great post! ^^ | Acqua xx

  12. When I was younger, I always dreamed how great it would be to wear a uniform. I know a lot of children hate it due to them not being able dress how they'd like, but lazy people like me love the extra time to sleep in the morning rather than looking for something to wear, haha.

    Off the shoulder tops have become so popular again, and it's one trend I wish I could be wearing. Damn you, manly shoulders of mine :(

  13. great picks!! you are going to look fab this summer, great eye!

  14. I like your selection!

  15. Nice selection. I adore off shoulder tops and bell sleeved ones.


  16. Obsessed of the Halter Top, soooo cute ! Also love your post and your blog ! Thanks for visiting my blog, I would love to support each others, but I don't know where ??

    Suzanne xx

  17. Off the shoulder tops are my summer must haves.
    Great post

    Love Vikee

  18. I love your blog, its sooooooo pretty! <3
    Off shoulder is my MUST HAVE, I love that look!

    Would you like to follow each other? :)
    xoxo, Colli

  19. Great selection, the second top is my choice!

  20. Amazing collections, all look very beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!


  21. Totally agree with you about uniforms! They were a blessing and a curse at the same time.
    I've just followed your blog xx


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