Hello you! I can't tell you how addicted I am towards this journal, I used to be wrecking this journal on stop about a year ago and then stopped for quite a long time and now I'm back on with it and loved it nonetheless. 

And if you are debating or planning on purchasing this journal go right ahead, The journal is like a creative outlet and you can be as wild and as creative as you'll like, the challenges in each page holds are very interesting it open my eyes and thought me a lesson that art literally have no limit and is no wrong in art because every single piece made with heart is perfectly imperfect. 

Today's post is going to be a slightly different, In this blog post I'll be showing you step by step with more detailed information for each steps. So this will be kind of a DIY project on a blank canvas with you. Usually I just put a lot of pictures of the page and add small simple description in random pictures, but this post I feel the need to explain the process. 

So take a seat back, relax and enjoy reading!

What You'll need:

-Your Journal or any scrapbooking book
-Pens or Pencils
-Water color paints (Chartreuse green, Shamrock/Emerald green, White, brown, pink, red, black)
-Red Puffy Paint (optional)
-Paint brush
-Bowl Of Water

 Today's Page is going to be page 27 from the book and that is to

"Tear strips, RIP IT UP"

For this page I'm going for the Hawaiian leaves theme, so what I do first is to draw two half circle lines in the center of the page then another semi half circle in the corners of the top half circle I just draw. The lines in the picture is not very visible but I'm sure you get the point.

Next step is to paint in between the space of the two lines you draw in pink water color in a circular motion like the picture. If you feel like the paint is too sheer feel free to do a second coat as this will be the base so a solid color will be necessary. 

Then I get out my pointy paint brush and highlight the polkadots in the belt area making them look more more like flowers. The red highlights will face as soon as the paint dry so again second coat would be necessary.  

This step is optional but I feel the need of more enhancing so I paint few strokes on the flower making them pop more.

Next I pull out my medium size paint brush and stroke carelessly on the page with Chartreuse green, this step is meant to be done messy so It will bring the 3d effect.

This next step is self explanatory, I just do the normal high lights stroking paints in darker shapes of green and black in the places where I feel the skirt folds.

Then I mix the brown and white water color together and paint the stomach. and a few more detail. 

Almost finished now! This is the easiest and the trickiest step as well is to rip the strips out, make sure to do it when your paint is half way dry so you'll have more control over the size and length you want your strips to be. 

This step is also optional you don't have to do it, But at the end I dot the puffy paint in the center of each flowers.

And Your page is done! thank you for reading this post and have a great rest of the day...

And thats a wrap Lazies

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