TA-DA get the punn? monochrome Waldo? Pros to you if you recognised that phrase! Today's outfit is something I put up vey fast and realize I look like Waldo in jail when I'm done.

My striped high neckline dress is from H&M and I believe you can still get in stores because I just got it very recently. My favourite thing about this dress is the razor line in the back it makes your back look thin and slender. Also stripes are very popular this season so instead of taking it down a notch I decide to exaggerate all the features.

My Denim jacket is from GAP I got it on sale, it's shape, texture and colour are very classic. At first I wanted to distress it and bleach them but I decide against it and to keep the classic colour and cut.

As for my shoes it is from Timberland, and it is not so visible on camera but it is actually a very deep velvet colour with brown laces. Yes they are too big for my feet but you've got to work with what you have. And I am aware thay are a mens footwear but in this generation there is nothing a men can wear that a women can't wear and vise-versa.

My socks are from socks factory and I think  it is a very smart touch to the whole outfit making it look more fancy to the point where it is exaggerating the features but not making the outfit overwhelming to see. Nothing much to explain about the socks besides they are black and white and knee high. And that's a wrap! thank you for reading today's post, talk to you guys soon:)