Ongoing Trends 2017: Embroidery

Jun 9, 2017

Embroideries are on going recycled staples from the 19th century. It is an involuntary act to recycled past tends, hence embroideries. Although, recycled trends have a lifetime of 2 seasons. Embroidery however, seem to be around for more than 4. To celebrate its long life, StyleWe and I constructed a post to showcase how embroidery has modernized. 


A shift dress is the best apparel to accommodate you thorough summer’s humidity. Works both ways, as a coverup and a shift dress. Essentially it is the ideal summer dress as it check off all the criteria. The embroidery on the chess differs this piece from any other white shift dress. 


This one is most suitable for summer festivals. It’s wrap and knot in the back are details you would normally find in festival targeted apparel. The embroideries are colorful, hence it is suitable for festival festivities. The tassel on the brim will accommodate dancing and Instagram pictures. 


This one might be my favorite item. Might not be the most practical nor everyday use, but I believe this is the type of dress you’ll save for a specific occasion. Mid-sheer dresses are trends in the 60s and is currently recycled again, although I am not a fan of these part-nest part-solid overall, this one is an exception. 


Halter tops are universally flattering, it narrows the shoulder and highlight the collarbones. Specifically, this piece can be dress up or down. The concise color palate makes it a lot easier to mix and match. A top like this is usually paired with high-waisted trousers, for casual wear, however a maxi skirt could easily transform the overall finish. 

Summer is approaching so maybe it’s time to renew your closet. To simplify your shopping experience, all the items listed above are from StyleWe. StyleWe store more than just embroideries, so if you have time, it’s 

This post is sponsored however the opinions are all mine. 

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