♡Tip #1
 Instead of washing your hair everyday try washing your hair twice a day. Washing your hair everyday can remove the natural oil that protects your skull and keeping it healthy, Making it more prone to breaking. Like the picture says embrace messy hair♡


♡Tip #2
When you shower, stay away from the warm water. Showering with warm water can open up the pores of your head that makes your hair easily to fall out.

♡Tip #3
Stay away from any heat, that includes hairdryer, flat irons, and curling irons. Using those tools can fry your hair and cause a lot of breakage. But if you must use them, adjust the heat to the lowest setting.

♡Tips #4
Trimming your hair every 1-2 months. Trimming the split ends of your hair creates a healthier end and helps the roots to distribute the vitamins evenly and helps your hair grow not only longer but healthy. Imagine how difficult it is to distribute the vitamins to split ends, each end won't have enough vitamin and soon the damage will spread up making it more ruin.

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