♡Today's post is on How To Style White Tops.I'm sure all of you have a white top thats lying around your closet somewhere, and here is my spin on making it look more fancy and decent

♡This is almost similar to my last post and that is "How To: Spice Up An Outfit♡" (link// http://hilarynirvana.blogspot.com/2014/10/how-to-spice-up-outfit.html) <--- please check it out:) But on this post is basically how i would style a white top.

♡The first is just to throw on a classic flannel, this one I'm wearing is from Next, but you can get this type of flannel anywhere. Then i paired it with the same jeans I use for my "♡OOTD #1" Post (link//http://hilarynirvana.blogspot.com/2014/10/ootd-1.html) It's just a pair of jeans with a couple rips in the thigh, and knee.

♡In the next outfit i just paired them with a Harem Pants or the kind of pants that Aladdin wears. I'm sure that forever 21 sells some Harem pants now but I'm positive they don't sell the same  one i have because got them in China at a Local Store somewhere in Guilin. Then to finished the look I put on this "Cleopatra" like statement necklace from H&M

♡For the next outfit I decided to go bold, so wrap this scarf i got from Stradivarius. It's a white scarf with powder blue border in the corners and multi coloured wild flowers pattern all around. Then I paired them with this Tribal short I got from Forever 21, again i can't find the same pair but here's something similar (http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?Br=F21&Category=bottom&ProductID=2040209259&VariantID=) The material of the pants I'm wearing on the picture is stretchy and follows the shape of your bust, but the pair I linked is made out of denim. Pattern wise they are almost identical.  

♡This is probably the simples outfit i've put up. But i paired the white shirt with the same ripped jeans i paired before with the flannel and put on a necklace it's not too visible in the picture but its a braided necklace I diy with a few chains inserted here and there.

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