♡Before you continue on reading this you should know your actual weight. Now subtract your height with 100 and subtract again with another 10% to find how much you should weigh. Then compare your weight now and your ideal weight.

So it's: (your height) - 100 -10% = your ideal weight

♡If you weigh under your ideal weigh i suggest you not to follow the following tips on loosing weight, because now you should focus on gaining weight. But if you feel like you need to drop a couple of pound then you are very welcome just don't go to over board on loosing weight since you are already under weight.

♡But if your Over weight or ideal you are also very welcome to try out my tips and tricks on loosing weight. Please also keep in mind if you are still growing don't take this tips to the next level your body still needs the protein to grow and help you get tall.

♡The first thing to loosing weight is to set the mindset of "I'll loose weight because I want to live a healthy life" and not because you want to look good in an outfit or be the next Regina George.

♡Tip #1

The first tip i do is to eat a good amount of food in the morning and eat less in the afternoon, if you can just eat salad or fruits. Like my dad says eat like a king at lunch and a beggar at dinner.  I know it sounds weird but you need to eat a lot at the beginning of the day because you need energy to go through the day without starving yourself. Trust me this process is slow but gradually you'll see difference. Just stick to proteins.

♡Tip #2

Next is to do regular exercise at least once a week. I know exercise is the least you want to do but you've gotta do it. Now the exercise don't have to be a full work out routine just simply a 30 minute jog. Moving your body burns the calories and fat, after your jog don't go straight away to your scale to see how much you weigh. Nope it doesn't work that way, exercising tightens your body making it un flabby so you'll not only have a slim figure but a structured sturdy body too.

♡Tip #3

Tip number 3 is the simplest step that is to drink a lot of water, keeping your self dehydrated will not only help you loose weight but also moisturise your skin. Drinking water helps washout and neutralise the toxic in your body.

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