♡Whenever we go shopping even in a tight budget we always find ways to purchase something new. Sometimes yes it can be so worth it and you can end up using the living crap out of it. But in certain occasions the stuff you bought just end up in sitting lonely in your desk.

♡To hopefully save you some troubles, here is my humble opinion on what I think is worth splurging on.

♡The first one are chunky jewellery such as statement necklace and over embellished bracelet. You need at least one Statement necklace, because using a statement necklace can bost up your appearance and adding a more put together look.

♡Next is a good pair of scarf. Scarfs is a multi purpose piece of material, it could be used for a cover up when your outfit is too revealing and could be use for keeping yourself warm. It is a good investment piece to pick a neutral colour so it will match any outfit you put together.

♡To invest on a high quality bag I think is a must.  But be careful on investing a high quality bag don't buy bags that are in style now buy a bag that would never go out of style. For instance Celine, the brand it self always keep stock of the Luggage tote because it never go out of style and people keep coming back for it, and hermes for their plaited design. Although those type of bags are not cheep a lot of other brands made almost similar design with a cheeper price and still a good quality.

♡Something that are worth investing on are a good pair of shoes, something that would be a good go to or everyday shoe. 2 years ago I purchased a pair or Dr. Martens the red shinny one and up till this day it is still my most worn shoe still in a good condition. Investing on a good quality shoe is kind of a must because it's not easily worn out.

♡Next is to purchased a romper. I have 3 rompers n my closet and that is something i wear in the days where i have no clue what to wear. It is very versatile and and you don't have to stay an extra hour to pick your bottoms.

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