How many of you guys like camping? sue the thought of camping is fun and adventurous. But the thought of limited shower and burning hot air, greasy hair decreases the fun in camping. Here i present you my tips and trick on how to camp not only in style but efficiently that will bring back the fun in camping. Please Keep in mind I'm not a profesional camper, and i'm only going for 2 days and one night.

♡Tip #1
Only bring what you need, for instance picking out your clothes and matching them 2 or 3 day before leaving. Usually we tend to over pack  witch makes our bag heavier to carry, so what i like to do is layout my clothes 2 days before camping pick a top and find out what I want to pair it with. Stick with neutral colours, such as black, blue and olive green. I highly recommend you not to bring any white pieces considering its in the outdoors and can easily get dirty. After I pick out my outfit i usually take a picture of it or write a note to myself and slip it in a bag. This way I'll remember what i plan to wear and not spend a lot of time stressing what i should wear.

♡Tip #2
I found this tip in pintrest, I'll insert the picture bellow. But it's to hang all your shower utilities such as shampoo, soap, moisturiser, and conditioner in one ribbon or string that way when it's time for you to shower you can just hang them in one of the racks.

♡Tip #3 
Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them. By rolling them it will save a lot of space in your bag so you can put more stuffs in it.

♡Tip #4
If you bring a sleeping bag. I know probably lot of people know this but start rolling your sleeping bag from the hood(if it has one) or from the section where your head is placed. It sounds odd but rolling the part where the hood is actually makes the sleeping bag thiner and easier to carry around. The first time I go camping i did't know this so i bluntly fold the part where my legs is and it gives me a hard time to put back the sleeping bag inside the pouch it comes with. 

♡Here are some of my must haves for camping
-Water bottle
-Bring a warm hoddie you don't know when the weather starts to get cold
-Bring 2 pair of shoes. You can use a sport shoe on your way to the camp and while chilling you can switch up your shoes to fit flops
-Bring sunglasses This is a 100% must have especially when you're camping in the summer time
-Bring snacks that you know you'll eat, Because trust me when your packing to go home your belongings somehow increase. So you'll need that extra space. 
-Hair ties or hat to keep your hair away from your face.
-Socks, it always good to have fresh pair of socks
-Bring head phones and your Ipod this a life saver

I guess thats it, Have a great time camping guys:)

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