♡You might not know this but I've use braces before and it as not as bad as you imagine it would be. I started using braces in the beginning of year 6 up to somewhere in the middle of year 7. So around 1 and a half year.

♡Before i start i want to share with you the condition of my teeth before I start using braces. My teeth was just overall bad. Sadly i don't have a picture of it but i can tell you that it's very bad. I have a big gap in the middle of the two big teeth in the middle, it can even make a whistling sound and i can stuck my thumb in between so it is a very crooked teeth. But i do not have holes in my teeth or a lot of cavities. It's mainly just the front part, but because the front part was so horrible you cant even see the good in my teeth.

♡For braces there is mainly 2 types they have the conventional and damon. The conventional type used rubber bands for pulling and tighten your teeth than most of the time be more painful and takes more time at least 3 years. The second type is damon this what i use, although the price a little but more expensive it works like wonders you can already see difference in a week. Using damon will only take about 1-2 years max but they don't have variations of colour to chose since it doest use a rubber band. The truth is i use Damond only because i want to go to my graduation with good teeth but my teeth were still on process and is not ready yet so i went to my graduation with braces but that was fine.

Damond Braces

conventional braces

♡The process of putting the braces it self does not hurt, it will start to get uncomfortable and painful through out the day. Now that pain will only last for around 3-5 days after that you should be used to the metal between your teeth and lips.

♡Flossing and tooth pick should be your best friend, i suggest you to bring tooth pick or floss everywhere you go, also don't forgot to bring a compact mirror. these stuffs will be so handy after you eat and some bits are stuck inside the brackets.

♡Any other tips from me is to probably go to the dentist every once a moth to controls the movement change of your teeth. If you accidentally swallow your braces brackets do not panic it will be digested out with your fesses. this happens to me and for me at least i realize their os no sight affects so the brackets is 100% clean. Also for the fist month you have your braces on (if you use the Damon version) the brackets will most likely fall out and wiggle in place, if that happens do not worry your dentist will be able to adjust it back just go to the dentist asap so that you'll stay on target.

♡This review is mostly on the Damond braces type and thats because I've experience using them. I can;t tell you much about the conventional type but i've asked a few of my friends about the braces and they say that it only hurts for about 3-5 days after the braces is in. But the process of putting them on did not hurt at all. They say after 3-5 days the braces feel normal and is not bothering them compare to the first couple of days.

♡So if you compared Damond and Conventional braces i say they have no difference in the end, but Damond is just more fast on moving your teeth to right place and only takes about 2-3 years tops. Instead of the conventional braces needs around 4-7 years.

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