♡October just ended and during that month I have a couple of songs, movies and audiobooks I've been repeating over and over again. So This is my Digital October favorites inspired by all the youtubers I've watched.


Here is a tip that I would like to share with you instead of purchasing songs on iTunes try downloading the app uTorrent It will allow you to download musics and even albums for free. If you want further information on how and where to download uTorrent use the key word "how to download using uTorrent" on YouTube (ps: it's not available in the app store, you can only download it on your computers)

-Rather Be - Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne
-Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
-Dear No One- Tori Kelly
-Forever and Always- Parachute
-Gangsta -Kat Dahlia
-Heaven -Cover by Boyce Avenue
-Young Blood - Bea Miller
-All You Need Is Love- The Beatles

I know most of the songs on my list are old songs but i figure you all know all the new billboard songs, and i want to add new musics to your playlist.


for movies I group them into 2 groups, the first group is the classic chick flick movies, although i don't like a lot of chick flick movies because i think that they are all the same and is vey hyperbole surprisingly on the month of October i quite enjoyed some of the chick flicks I've watched.

Chick Flicks

-Letters To Juliet
It is an amazing love story that will just make you swallow your remote, it is super cute and very cheesy perfect for girls with high relationship goals. Although I think this movie could use a little bit more push in the ending and middle. the story flows so fast and it seems like it's on a rush and both the characters fall in love so quickly, maybe it's just in my opinion because i don't enjoy love story that much. I feel like there is so many more potential the movie can do to maybe someday produce a sequel.

Beastly is so different from letters to Juliet, like the movie that disney produce "Beauty and the Beast" this is so similar, the movie portrayed the same climax and ending but this is how it would happen if it was in real life. This movie really show a clean and clear picture and story line in the beginning making it so much interesting, i could say that compared to all the chick flicks movies I've ever watch this would be in my top 3. Then again i don't watch a lot of chick flicks. This movie has a wide moral and to me it is surprising because not a lot of chick flicks movie have valuable morals that you can apply to your daily life, most chick flick movies will just have a simple moral as like "being your self" and "follow your heart" those are so basic and makes our generation now stop thinking and just set the mind set as each other, but the reality is we need people with different mindset to make the world progress.

-She's The Man
Let's just say that all 3 movies are the complete opposite. She's the man is a more funny and chill movies compared to Beastly and Letters To Juliet. For me i like movies that makes me think and this movie does make me think a lot about the ending and thought the climax. I really have nothing else to say about this movie and not spoiling it, but you just have to watch it because Channing Tatum is portrayed as the heart throb that's enough to get you to watch now right?

again these 3 movies are all from the past years but they are absolutely amazing and perfect for a sleepover.

♡The next group of movie genre is family comedy, because who can get enough of laughing?

Family Comedy
-We're the millers
-Jack and Jill

Blended and We're the millers and quite similar considering both movies went on summer vacation but jack and jill are a little bit more relaxed. I don't know about you but i love watching funny movies in my room with a cup of tea, it just sums up my day. But i can assure you that those 3 movie will make your jaw ache.

As you can see i don't watch a lot of movies this month or at least ones that i like. But this are just a compilation of movies that keep me on the ground on October.


For books i've only read 2 books this October and they are The Boy In The Striped Pijama by John Boyne and The Catcher Of The Rye by J.D Salinger. So this is going to be like a book review

 The Boy In The Striped Pijama
I reed this book for school and i must say that it surprised me in so many ways and what i think should happen. Like I say I like movies that makes me think and it works the same for books. This story really brought up how innocent and loving a child is. This book opened up my eyes to see that children are the most loyal and appreciative and the strongest human being alive. It uses the child as the narrator making it making it more interesting reading from a child's perspective. Although this book is very mind-blowing i must say that the beginning of the book is quite flat. If you're planing to skip the book to the end i suggest you don't because what the books explained in the beginning will make sense in the end. To save you the troubles, there is a movie about it already. So for you lazy people go watch the movie, But i have to say the book is better then the movie.

The Catcher Of The Rye
Now this book I've reed it out of curiosity a lot of posts in tumblr saids that this book is amazing and inspiring, i really don't get it. Maybe I am just not old enough or not depressed enough to relate because through out my years of living i never feel in any way that I'm reckless enough to break. This book shows a mini 2 weeks vlog of what happened to a depressed guy, from moving schools and family problems. I don't want to spoil anything away but this book would be more fitted to someone who has gone through a rough patch of time in life. I'm not saying this book is bad but i don't think I'm mature enough to read this book, i would most likely to read this book again sometime in the future when i think i am old enough. Either way, it's a good book and very clean transition through parts but i just don't get what's so inspiring

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