♡Hai again guys, this is my 3rd Outfit of the day post on this blog and I'm planning to do this post once a month because you guys seem to enjoyed it considering it is the most viewed post. Today I'm going to a piano recital at a local mall then probably go sopping, but before that i need to go to a local rental store to rent a costume for my school even on friday, and stop by at seven eleven for slurpee. Since the recital is a formal event it is a must to dress in a formal attire.

♡The dress I'm using is form H&M i believe they still sell it because i just recently got it. It is a floral dress with asymmetries skirt, it is really fitting and really enhance your curves. I feel like this is very appropriate for the event because it is not showing much skin except legs and they are also very faltering.

♡For shoe i use this green flats i get along time ago, i want to say i got them from metoo but i'm not sure. It is just a deep green ballerina shoes that stretches to the size of your feet.

♡Then my bag is just this half foe leather bag and the other half is an Aztecs print knitted, again i don't know where i got this since it was a gift, but I'm sure there is something similar.

♡I didn't use any accessorise today because the dress is already very eye catching.

♡That's it for my outfit today, thank you for reading♡

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