♡As a woman i know that we all like to look put together and sleek. Most of us find our confident and comfort in clothes, shoes and just basically any fashion related pieces. But those stuffs are not necessarily cheep. Sometimes you feel like your clothes are just plain boring and you are no longer confident in them because you feel like they are not on fashion week or on trend. So here are my tips on being confident in your very own skin. 

♡There are so many different kind of fashion items design and sold. And as woman's we are always up to date to the latest fashion trend. If you haven't notice fashion repeats it self so there is nothing like out of date, because it is just impossible. Just like overalls they are created in the beginning on 1792 and it's everywhere now. And it's not only that, flowwy pants was also used in the late 18's there are also disco pants and i also notice how fanny pack are back in style. This yet again proves how style repeats itself. 

♡If you have tight budget and still shop for clothes because you think your clothes in your closet now are not trendy enough, i suggest you don't. You should spend your money on something more useful, unless you have to buy more clothes because the clothes you have are too small then go ahead. But besides that try to think more maturely and ask your self "do you need it?"

♡But if you are stubborn and can't resist shopping please buy something you know you'll wear more than 10 times. Such as a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt. buying those stuff won't only save your money but it can also be one of your investment piece, depending on what you buy but if you stick to the basics then it will surely be an investment piece.

♡The next thing is the most important thing and it will sound so cheesy but it is "don't care too much" i don't mean it in a bad way though, what i mean by that is for you to not care about what another person thinks, don't over think negative comments. I'm not gonna make you happy an be fake telling you that haters are just jealous, but to be completely honest i don't think they are. They are just someone who needs another person to  pick on to make them feel empowered.

♡Not caring too much sounds simpler than done, but actually if i am being brutally honest it is just as simple as abc. Here's the trick, when ever i hear any negative comments about myself i always alternate my focus on something else that makes me happy. For instance if a person called me names i would change the subject straight away, and for you who might think that it is just running from reality it is not. It is called staying away from all the negativity and surround yourself with all the positive energy. Now there is this experiment in Japan, scientist put 2 water inside a glass with the same amount of water and put them in 2 separate room with the same exact temperature and design. The first water was treated nicely and was spoken with good and heart warming words, the other water was treated as bad as it can be, it was shouted with all the mean horrid words and in 2 years the water that was treated badly was dirty and brown, while the water that was treated nicely was still clean enough to drink.

♡I know what you're thinking what does that have to do with anything in this post, well our body is made out of 75% of water so if you surround yourself with all the negative comments and energy you will slowly rot and wither just like the water that was treated badly. But if you surround yourself with alot of positive energy the energy it self will affect you and the activity you're doing. So from now on, stay away from all the negative comments and surround yourself with all the positive energy.

♡This one is also cheesy but i'll go in depth about it so hopefully it will make sense and not sound so distance and it is to Do more of what makes you happy. Yes it is a simple word and a simple thing to do, again not to care to much, all you have to do is to do what ever makes you happy. Because then you'll feel good about yourself and you'll of corse you will smile more and a smile is a medicine to any frown.

♡This might be the deepest post i've written and i enjoyed writing this kind of blog post because i think it shows me 100% and i like feeling like I'm talking to you and not just sharing with you guys ways to look thin.

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