There is this big event coming up this sunday for me and that is the happiest 5km, it is basically a fun and unique marathon that celebrates health happiness and individuality. Now I'm pretty sure for you guys in the US this event happened a couple months ago during summer, but for my country Indonesia the event will take place in 4 more days. Specifically on the 23rd of November 2014. If you don't know  how big this event is then you must be living under a rock. This is the funnest most unique, trend setter marathon I've ever heard of, so you honestly just run 5km and during your run or of you prefer to walk then go ahead there will be powder in many sorts of color thrown at you.

Okay so let me take you on a run through on how this particular event work. The first thing to do is to purchase your ticket at their website or to a certain mall depending on your country region, my country particular they use more of the online resources on letting people purchase their tickets.

Purchasing the tickets it self (in my country) is quite a challenge, you have to fill in your full name and all the basic ofc you know that, then you have to fill in your id number, blood group, allergies or if you have any condition they need to worry on, your parents phone number and a lot of other safety requirement, If you are 18 plus then you got an easier way on purchasing the tickets but if you're 18 under then you'll need more time on purchasing. but just follow the steps then you're good to go. It is pretty simple just massively complicated, I'm sorry if i confused you.

Then after you successfully purchase your ticket, please keep in mind that you need to print the confirmation slip that is sent to your email. You will next have to regularly cheek the website to see any updates, the update you need to keep an eye on is when you'll be able to get your race pack.

The color run race pack is filled with the shirt you're going to run in, the number of runner, a pair of sunglasses, wrist band, a couple vouchers, and the bag it comes with. It may come differently in different region this is just what it comes with in my country.

Just remember, when getting your race pack bring the confirmation you print, the id card you sign up with and if you're under 18 you'll have to print the power of attorney form and you have to have full confirmation from your parents or guardians.

After that you are set to go, all you need to do now is wait for the race and you're set.

Heres something you have to do before the actual race,

The first thing is to exercise regularly atleast 1 week in a row, do 30 minutes run every day and you're body will eventually be more compact during the real event. Then i like to make sure and mind the foods i'm consuming through out the week, i usually go with a sandwich in the morning, then normal portion for lunch and sometimes skip dinner or eat fruits such as apples and grape.

Here is something that i like to do before the race, instead of consuming a cup of coffee in the morning to stay awake. i like to eat an apple, because it is proven that an apple helps you stay awake better than a cup of coffee. before the run i also like to do some stretch just to warm up my legs and muscles. I highly suggest you doing this before the run because it helps avoid cramps while running.

What to bring

-1 litter water bottle, now this might be the most important thing you have to bring. Having a water bottle will help you stay dehydrated and keeps your throat moist. 1 litter is a good amount of water needed, having less water might not dot he job for you in a 5km run.

-Sunglass, just a tip bring the sunglass the race gave you inside the race pack. you wouldn't want your black shades getting spoiled, so if i were you use that. it will not only make you a good  contestant but will also save you alot of troubles. now the glasses it self will protect your eyes form the colored dust/paint. And believe me the dust stings your eyes.

-Hair tie,This is kind of a must because the marathon is very hot and humid so a hair tie will be very handy. But for me personally i would just put one hair tie in the bag I'm carrying, and i would just put my hair down. So when the crew splashed the colorful dust it will get attached to my hair and my hair will be all colorful and all.

-A backpack, so by this point I probably mention that "this is a must have" like a thousand time, but please believe me everything here is very very extremely important and will save your life. Plese quote me, dont you bring a sling bag. I highly recommend you to bring a backpack instead of a sling bag. Because you'll run and it will be a disctration that is if you run. and one more thing bring a bag that you dont mind staining. Because the're is a possibility that it will stain.

-Towel, you would want this to wipe the dust away from your hair. For me this is the most difficult part. Without you noticing the dust will be collected in the scallop of your head.

With that said, you should know by know the picture of how it will turn out. thanks for your time

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