♡Happy Tuesday! If you read my last post you'll know that I'm going on a 5k marathon called The Color Run if you dont know what that is please check out my last post that will be linked down bellow with my other social media links. So this is an overview of my day with pictures:)

♡I went to the color run with 5 of my friends, we basically have a sleepover at my house the other day and wake up around 5 to be on time for the race, less did we know the race start at 7 and it only takes around 30 minutes from my house to the venue. 

♡Before we reach the color run venue we stop by mcdonalds for breakfast.

♡So this picture is the very first picture i took with my friend before the race. It is in front of the venue and there are not so many people yet. 

♡Next one is with two of my friends inside the venue of the race when we're trying to find 2 of our friends in the sea of people. We did find them but then decided to run separately. 

♡This next picture have no particular story behind it, we were just taking a selfie and my eyes are closed because the sun is shining right in our face. 

♡TA-DA! we are finally in line for the run! 

♡Okai so this picture is basiclly a joke but this a picture we took when we are about two or three meters through the race and spotted an Indonesian ghost then asked to take a picture with it. 

♡we're smurfs! the blue dust is the third dust we are sprayed with, there was orange and green before but we didn't seem to get sprayed and we didn't bother to take a picture. 

♡Another smurf picture! taken around the same time, but this time you can see a little bit of orange dust around our faces.

♡Pink! i think the pink dust was sprayed second from the last. And I am very excited when i saw the pink dust flying around the track because it is my favorite color. 

♡The last one was again the blue dust, then the finish line. It was quite short for a 5km run and i don't sweat much so it wasn't very pleasing although a great experience. 

♡This have to be my favorite picture through out the race, it is a picture of our shoes after the race. All dusty and colorful. 

♡A group picture after the race taken in the sideways

Tired faces

And here are some minor selfies♡

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