♡November just end and you know what time it is! So today I'll be doing a post on things I love and recommend for you guys during the month of November. Let's get started

♡During this month i notice the weather change in my area, it gets cold every now and then and gets rainy almost every noon. And I do live in a tropical country so i don't think it will be that cold but surprisingly it does. And I honestly love cold weathers especially when I'm at home with a cup of tea. But i also like to be prepared and conservative so i always carry around my sweater. This is like my favorite sweater it is mint green and i think its really cute, but the bigger picture is in the back of the sweater it has three cutouts and covered with matching lace and ribbons. It is a baggy sweater and i think it makes it a little bit more cute.

♡The next thing i've been loving is my charm bracelet. I know the famous brand for charm bracelet is Pandora but i kinda like the dangly charms better. I know it's wired but i think the fossil charm bracelet can hold more charms because the bracelet is in a chain form and i think one chain and hold up to 3 or 4 charms, is that wired? i don't know i just like the fossil one better. I wish i could show you my bracelet but it never seem to come up right in pictures. So enjoy this picture of the bracelet with out the charms.

♡Then I've been using this tartan skirt way more than i should have. And yes i might be late on this trend but I'm not the kind of person who follows trend as much, i like to dress differently than other people so i wont bump into someone in the mall with the same outfit.


It's time for my November Music favorites that I've been replaying over and over and there are quite alot so take time to listen to each one.

-Christmas - Michael Buble (Full album)
Yes it might be a little bit too early to start listing to christmas songs but christmas is my favorite time of the year so I've got to get into the christmas mood as soon as possible. Please listen to White christmas it's my personal favorite. Every time it plays on the radio it makes me want to move to a  4 seasons country and have a white christmas with hot chocolate.

-Everybody's Got Somebody But Me - Hunter Hayes
It's an old song, 3 years ago but I've just start to appreciate the song a lot more now that i have understand it a lot better. It's a sad song but the beat is able to bring up the mood.

-Drain You - Nirvana
Yes they sound drunk and maybe they are, their guitar chords are messed up but lets all admit it their songs are always so deep and meaning full. Drain you is just one of them.

-Our Last Summer - ABBA
This song is actually not only my favorite for this moth but i think it will be an addiction i cant control. I grew up listing to ABBA and the group did end before i was born but i do remember my teacher was in love with ABBA and played the song over and over. Our Last Summer just bring back tons of memories and it has a special place in my heart even tho it sounds super cheesy but it does, the song just means so much to me even i cant bring myself up to explain them in words. It just means that much and is super close to me, i'd like to think that way at least. 

This month i think i've been super emotional by my song choices, All 4 songs i feel is very close to me and i would love sharing something dear to me to you so enjoy!

♡Movies and TV Shows

This month i have no specific category for the movies i have watched because honestly I've been kinda slagging on the whole movie thing. But i just come up with a couple of movies and tv shows i have watched during this month

-Gossip Girl
It's kind of old but I am re-watching it from season 2, if you dont know the tv series gossip girl then you must be living under a rock this past decade.

-The Polar Express
YAS! This movie is my ultimate christmas favorite, and it has been for around 10 years. Now you can see how much I'am excited for christmas. Did i forgot to mention Jost Hutcherson is the voice of hero boy?

And that's it, i told you i've been slagging


-Never Let Me Go // By: Kazuo Ishiguro
YASS! This book is amazing. i have absolutely no words to describe how amazing this book is and i can guarantee you that after reading the book you'll be balling your eyes out. This book is honestly so incredible and i am really in love of how Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the book.  I do believe he is by far my favorite author after J.K Rowling. The books tells a stoy about all the children with no home and family they are taken in for care and hospitality but there's a catch that every student shall not know till they are considered youth. In the mansion/ school they are expected to eat healthy and nothing with high calories and fat. When they are 16 or so they will be sent to live out in the real word since their childhood are only allowed to stay inside the mansion/ school. Then after a couple of months maybe years they wil be given a job if they wanted to, when they are working sometime in the future they will get a phone call, and they will have to donate their working organs, and yes organs that means not only one but may be two or more until they're complete aka until they died. It sounds so cruel yet the book still manage to send the message to me at least, the book carries a lovely balance between intensity and romance also sincerity, because there is a love story written in the book. To save you troubles there is a movie about it already released in 2010, but please consider on reading the book. You'll get more emotion from each character and the book is way more interesting than the movie that i think is boring. 

-The Summer I Turned Pretty // By: Jenny Han
It's 2014 nearly 2015 and im still waiting for productions to make a movie out of this book. I've reed this book a year ago and i remember that i absolutely love the book and now that I have re-read the book i remembered just how much this book gives me goosebumps the characters complete each other perfectly and how the author Jenny Han manage to have so many things going on in the main  characters life yet still keep it clean and clear. The book has a second and third one they are It's Not Summer Without You and We'll Always Have Summer. And they are if not equally than better than the first book. I considered myself as an emotional person because just reading how happy the characters is i can truly cry tears of joy. And for me, Jenny Han succeed as an author because she can make me think and place my self in the setting she have created in the book. I have no other input than amazing and i do hope a movie of this book will turn up soon, i don't even mind if it goes straight to the box office i just need it to be produced into a movie. Im telling you if you watched Mean girls or Letters To Juliet or any chick-flick movies like that then you'll enjoy this book. And just saying it's better than fan-fictions and that says a lot. 

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