♡I have compiled my top 10 christmas songs for you guys to see, hope you enjoyed them

All I Want For Christmas For Christmas Is You // Mariah Carey
I think this song might be the most played song for christmas, exactly no words for it. I know you know this song very well and probably is tired of it already. But am I the only person who never gets bored of christmas songs?

Shake Up Christmas // Train

This is one of my favorite christmas songs, every time I hear this song it always manage to bring me in a happier mood. The song for me delivers a message about how christmas time should be filled with joy and happiness and to for once do what ever makes you happy and not only think about your self, a little reminder Christmas is the time of year to give so lets step up to the statement.

Christmas Lights // Coldplay

The song is very mellow but holds a beautiful message, the song sings about how Christmas is not only about giving gifts and returning them but the fact that it should be celebrated with the people you love and the ones that loved you.

Mistletoe and Wine// Cliff Richard

I rarely listened to this song but once it's played i completely fall in love with it again, This song for me just captures the essence of christmas.

Jingle Bell Rock // Glee

I lovd the cover glee done for this song. Because I grow up watching glee for the last 5 years i loved how they arrange each others voice for the song. Especially hearing Cory Montheith's voice gives me goosebumps he have an amazing voice.

Let It Snow Mash Up // RG word and Alex G

This song is very cheeky and a little bit sassy i relay loved how the two songs balance each other out by the clean transition and a great video directing, for me this sums up the day

The most wonderful time of the year // Andy Williams

Yes it is the most wonderful time of the year, I think this song really stood up to the title at least for me, because christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Have yourself a merry little christmas // Glee version

This is so cute, i almost feel goose bumps in every christmas songs i hear because I'm just a sucker for christmas and, but if you listened to this song too i know you'll have goosebumps too.

It's You That I'll Miss This Christmas // Alex G

this song is very fun and up beat, it's a good choice for a party song. And how i have no word to describe how good this song is so please play the video.

Deck The Halls // Alex G and Tiffany Alvord

YAS! Two of my favorite singers in one video. This is by far my favorite christmas colaboration video I've seen and i just love how fun and cute the setting and the video is.

That's it guys merry christmas

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