It's the time of the year for fuzzy socks, warm blanket and cheesy christmas movies played by the fire place. So here are some of my top 8 movies to keep you occupied through out this holiday season.

Four Christmases

Now for you lots who don't enjoy cartoons as much as i do Four Christmases is the perfect choice for you, it is very funny and very entertaining that will only bring you into a better mood. So if you have no movie selections to watch this is you way to go.

Home Alone

Yes the oh-so popular Kevin aka Macaulay Culkin. This movie is ofc you all now is very festive and makes your jaw ache of laughter. It's a sad thing thing that Macaulay Culkin have got into drugs ad no new movies from him yet but hey, who says we can't enjoy his old movies?

Christmas Cupid

Enjoy the little clip of the movie. This movie is filled with joy and drama, similar to Four Christmas the character(s) both denied to go home for the holidays. For those chick-flick fanatic this the perfect christmas movie for you


YAS! this is my all time favorite movie, not just for christmas but i watch it all year round, and i cant explain how much I've waited to share this movie with you. This is just so amazing and very festive i just have no other words to describe this movie just trust me, please watch it.

♡Holiday In Handcuffs 

Yes you chick-flick fanatic another movie for you. And yes she is the girl who played as Ted's mother in good luck charlie, This movie for me makes the unexpected happen. I mean it's not everyday a girl comes up to you, handcuffs you to her, force to become her "boyfriend" and keeps you held hostage.

♡Eloise At christmas

enjoy the little clip of the movie

No kidding i know i said this in a lot of movies but this is beyond compare. I watched this movie when i was 5 and i just cant believe they had it online. I love love love this movie more than i love hoe chocolate! This movie is amazing and is very chill and laidback. It is very clean but still so entertaining. If you loved this movie then you'll love Eloise at the plaza. After reading this post please go and search it online and enjoy the movie, this is just too good to miss out.

♡Mickey's Christmas Carol

Another little chip of the movie
Let's just say no one is too old for cartoons! I grew up watching Mickey Mouse and i just thought adding this movie suggestions in might be the right idea because we all have the inner 5 year old soul stuck inside so this is a great way of letting it out.

♡A Christmas Carol

Am i the only one who still gets creeped out watching this movie, this movie gives me goosebumps every now and then but it carries the best message and to top it all of this is not your average cartoon, it is more than that ad all you have to do is watch the movie. And may i add this movie has the best graphic I've ever seen in all the cartoons i've watched, it is just beyond HD

And that's it, enjoy the movies and have a merry merry christmas♡

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