❆Hai everyone! I recently just put up my christmas tree and decorated my house more so they looked a bit more festive. And I would like to take you with me decorating my tree from point one so please take a cup of tea and enjoy:)

❆TA-DA! Yes my christmas tree is fake and is not chopped off. In my country they don't sell real trees for christmas or at least as I know of, but my family got this tree around 3 or 4 years ago in ACE hardware. I know this might sound wired but this tree actually does smell like a real pine tree and it still does after 4 years of using it. So back to the topic this is my tree un decorated and just been put up.  


❆Next thing is I prepare my ornaments, and can we just take a moment to look at the tree topper? It is my absolute favorite it looked so vintage and remind me a lot of the Great Gatsby and they don't even have the same gems 

❆Before I started hanging my ornaments in the tree I wrapped Christmas lights around it so It'll look more festive when it lights up. 

❆In the next picture you can see that o started hanging some ornaments, and this year we re going for the theme Red, gold and white with angles and snowmans so that is what we got sofar.

❆we felt the tree is a little lonely and needs a little spicing up, so we again wrapped this festive ribbons around the tree. Im sure you are able to got this anywhere this time of season. Here are the picture of the ribbon I use and the tree after it's wrapped. 

❆Then the last thing I do is to put the christmas Topper in the tip of the tree

❆Next picture is what the tree looked like when the lights are on

❆Then this are just random shoots of the ornaments

❆Then these are just some decoration put up around the house. 

❆And one more thing to get me into the christmas mood i put on my reindeer ears white decorating!

dont hate they are cute❆

that's it for today thanks for reading❆❆❆


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