☃Yup sad as it sounds Christmas is finally over, I hope everyone of you have an amazing time with your family and enjoyed the holiday while it lasted. Yesterday was one of the days I cant forget and is very memorable. So I would like to take you with me on rewinding my christmas day. 

☃Before I start i wan't to adress a little disclaimer that I am in no way shape or form trying to brag. I just thought this would be a fun post to write:)

☃Let's start from the very beginning of the day. So the first thing i do after i wake up is I go and take  my shower and get dress into my christmas outfit. Then let us fast forward to around 10 am my aunt, my mom and I decided to go the closest mall for  last minutes gifts. After that's out of the way we go straight away to my grandparents house and wish them a merry christmas and a little mini gift giving session, and went home after quite a long chat.

☃Once we arrive home, my dad went off to pick up the turkey. I know you're supposed to have turkey at thanks giving but almost no one in my country does, so we usually have turkey at christmas lunch dinner. My family almost never cook our own turkey we always had it ordered somewhere. I don't know it just becomes a tradition to order turkey.

☃TAD-DA! the turkey has arrive. I must say that this year's turkey looked and tasted a tad better than the one we had last year. Then just around 15 minutes latter our aunts, uncle and cousins have arrived we start eating our dish. This year m family gets to host the christmas get-to-gether so it is held at our place. 

☃At our place we serve Turkey with baked potatoes, Curry sauce as gravy, and creamy mushroom puffs as a side dish Last my mom's half baked and mashed potatoes and her pumpkin pie for desert.

☃After out tummy's stuffed with all of the deliciousness we stopped for a moment and chat for a while a little and catching up we finally procede to the long awaited gift giving session.

☃Next thing we do is we go back to the living room and watch christmas movies together with these multi flavoured popcorns.

☃Thats it for my christmas day yesterday be sure to come back the next day to see the "what i got for christmas" post. 

☃Last I just feel the need to put this up again I am in no way shape or form trying to brag this is just a post posted for fun and I'd like writing post about these kind of stuffs. 

☃Thant's it for today guysie hope you have a merry merry christmas and ily<3

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