Hey you! how many of you are going to a new years party or even are the host, maybe even a little new years dinner with your love ones? I'm sure you had your outfits planed out even if you don't, whats so bad about having your hair done first? Here are some Ideas slash tutorial for you for your new years hairstyle

Milk Braid

The great thing about milk braid is that you can dress it up or down. It looks very faltering on oval, round and square face shapes so if you are one of those this would be perfect for you. But if you have an upside-down triangle shaped face this might not be the best hair style for you because it is very bulky on the top and could show an unbalanced and your forehead could end up looking huge.

Step #1

The first step is to part your hair in equal half or somewhere close to

Step #2

The braid each half with he three strand braid. I suggest you to do the 3 strand instead of 4 or a fishtail because I figure out that the 3 strands works best and looked very elegant and romantic, but it is also based on your preference so do anything you want but you have to end up with the 2 pigtails.

Step #3

Next step is to slightly twist the braid and bring them up to your head and bobby pin it in place

Step #4

Then do the same thing to your other braid and tuck it under the first braid and try your best to hide the elastics then pin it in place

And there you have it your hair is ready to rock the house

Wednesday Pigtails

This braid is inspired by Wednesday Adams's (From The Adam's Family) hairstyle and therefor I named this hair up-do the Wednesday Pigtails

Step #1

The first step is to part it into half then from each half start french braiding it from the top. If you don't know how to do a french braid you simply just take a piece of access hair every time you cross over to the next strand of hair. Or if you still don't understand take a look at the picture bellow:)

Step #2

You are just going to continue doing that until you run out of hair, after you run out of hair just continue to braid them normally.

Step #3

Do the same to the other half and tie it in place

And the you have it! Hello Wednesday:)

Half Up-Do

This is probably the easiest hairstyle and it only takes you about 2 seconds but still very cute and versatile.

Step #1

The first step is to part your hair into the top layer and the bottom. I suggest you to part the top layer thiner than the bottom because you would want a thicker looking hair.

Step #2

After you find the position you like pin it in place and there you have it. If you feel like your bottom layer hair is too thin don't tease it  because then your top layer would just fall apart. Just slightly rub it in circular motion to produce volume. This step is optional but if you still feel the need to volume-nize your hair you could curl them. But in this case I like my hair straight so I just leave it like that.

That's it guys! Hope you found the perfect hairstyle for the beginning of 2015

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